Beauty Product Reviews

Great brushes like all Sonia G!

I was excited to add these to my collection, I haven't used them as much as I would have liked too due to Covid but they are too quality & I do really enjoy them . The blue handles are gorgeous!


I absolutely love this makeup bag. It holds So much, is sturdy & beautiful. It’s structured enough that I have it completely packed & everything is still easily organized. The two inside pockets are great for lipsticks, glosses, eyeliners or small brow products. The zippered pouch in the lid is great, it’s a tight mesh so you can easily see everything & surprisingly you can fit quite a lot inside. I use it for all my smaller jar products like paint pots & my secret concealer. I also store my JS concealers here so there is no fear of the stars getting damaged. All in all, I’ve been tempted to buy another for all my skin care. Great for travel ! The best part? Anything I’ve found at all similar is way more $$ & not nearly as nice !

Great formula & great value with the minis

I love the formula & as someone who loves lipstick but doesn’t wear it every day yet enjoys having many colours all of these sets are perfect! I spend about the same as two full-size but get many different ones to use. Yes, you don’t get to pick the ones you get but it also helps you discover ones you may not try otherwise. I’m the girl who brings home a new colour I Love only to find that it’s the Same colour I Always buy & have a dozen of! Also, I would never go through an entire full-size liquid lip- EVER. I think I’m the 20 plus years I’ve been wearing makeup I have actually finished One lipstick, ever. Mostly because at that time I could only afford One. It was a beautiful creamy mauve by covergirl & I thought it looked so pretty & natural. I recently found the nearly empty case & tried it one- so funny how makeup styles change. Anyway, Great product! I own three of these sets the nudes volume 1 & 2, plus the reds. Can’t go wrong & can share the love with friends too


This is probably my favorite makeup bag ever . It's very large & just looks & feels super wonderful. Very sturdy for a soft makeup bag. The white glitter doesnt shed & it really does hold a LOT. Which was exactly what I wanted. Will likely be purchasing a couple more once I get my new vanity area fully set up & can confirm my needs but for travel this will be The One!