Beauty Product Reviews

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Stunning, natural-Looking, glowy, and just...perfect!

I knew I had to get this when I saw the packaging and noticed that there was only one left in stock. The FOMO was real, and biting that bullet was a great choice.

First of all, let's acknowledge the gorgeous packaging. This product looks like something Dior would come up with and sell for $70+ (and this is coming from someone who has over 12,000 BI points at Sephora). I was fearful it would just be pretty yet feel cheap, or that it would be the opposite and be TOO heavy and cumbersome to travel with--but Jill Stuart nailed this product and I can happily say that it feels like luxury that you can travel with. And that is exactly what I have been doing since I got it.

Next, let's talk about the blush itself. It's very finely milled, soft, and smooth to the touch. I was afraid that too much at a time would be dispensed from the bottle, but somehow the sifter prevents that from ever happening while ensuring you still get just the perfect amount of product before application. The color I got (coral beige) is a light coral color with the smallest hint of pink. I am glowing when I have it on. It looks so natural, almost as though it was a cream and not a powder. It is basically what I wish my Burberry cream blush in Orange Blossom had been but could never amount to.

Lastly, here's my only complaint: I wish it came in more colors! This stuff is perfect and I look forward to getting the other colors from the collection.

Beautiful but overpriced, cheap-looking, and messy

Disclaimer: I'm a JS fan but I'm also a hardcore makeup lover who's pretty blunt about everything. Move along if you want to read a rave review--this won't be it.

The powder is soft and finely milled. It's also not drying which I quite enjoy. The smell is definitely that of cotton candy which I neither like nor dislike. However, I do not enjoy this product enough to keep it. Listen: I ordered this powder in several shades and I was able to swatch each shade without having to remove the seal. This means that this product is not tightly sealed on the edges, and hence powder goes all over the place every time you open the product. Another thing to note is that, as another reviewer has mentioned, you aren't getting a lot of product for your money here. 0.353 oz for $22 isn't much considering that Laura Mercier's translucent powder, for example, is $39 for a full ounce. That means you would have to spend $66 on JS powder to get that same amount of product. Personally, I don't mind splurging on makeup. I buy makeup even just for the packaging--but this not only looks cheap, it also feels cheap. The packaging is so lightweight and almost feels like a drugstore product in looks and feel. No offense to JS fans--I do love his concealer but I'm not a fan of the powder.

TLDR: Buy this if you don't mind good quality powder that's messy, overpriced, and feels cheap packaging-wise. It's a great product but as another reviewer had noted, not revolutionary.