Beauty Product Reviews


I love everything about this makeup lasts all day with the setting powder on. I wish this came in a pressed powder just because of how messy it is. Between the foundation and this powder, you cant even see my pores.


To be honest, i purchased this mascara solely on the packaging. It smells great, but doesnt really add much volume. Taking it off is a task all in its own. If you smear it on your skin, good luck getting it off.

Holy Red!

Perfect shade of red...not too bold and not too over bearing. I have always been a lipgloss person so switching to lipstick is definitely a change. I purchased the matching lip liner and gloss and its perfect!

Love This!

I really am enjoying this toner. I combine the toner with the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser and the duo works perfectly together. I use a cotton pad with the toner and you can see all the makeup and dirt the cleanser doesnt wash off.....Will definitely continue to use.

Love LOVE Love!!!!

From the moment you open your pallete, you are overwhelmed with the glorious smell of chocolate. My 10 year old tells me she wants to lick my eyes thats how awesome it smells. Stays on all day, doesnt smear or cake. Love this pallette! Wish they sold some of the colors separately.


Goes on smooth....great for the T Zone area and for highlighting. I tried all over coverage and it was just too bright. If you are a constant selfie addict, the flash will definitely show where you applied your powder.

Not A Fan of the Wand

Formula is awesome...but the wand isnt that great. I switched it out with another wand and now it was perfect....Side not...whatever you do...never leave your mascara in a car overnight when it dips to -10. Wand broke in half and the mascara froze up!


I received this today and couldnt wait to take it out of the box. I put it on and was surprised how creamy it was when I put it on. I think I may have to order more in different colors!