Beauty Product Reviews

Easy to apply

I have never used product on my eyebrows before. Decided to start with this. It is easy to apply and very forgiving if you use to much. I just run the attached brush through my brow a few times and redistributes or removes it .

Very pigmented

It took me a few tries to figure out the best way to use lip tar. I use a balm, apply lip tar and let dry. If you take the time to let it dry it lasts most of the day. I would buy a different color next time. Radiate is a beautiful color but a little bright for me.

Saved my brushes

I had a few older brushes that were no longer shaped well. After washing and drying with the brusg guard on the were back in the original shape and usable. They are also great for protecting brushes when traveling and stuck in my bag.

Great brush

This brush is great. My only complaint is it continues to shed. I am hoping it will stop soon because it works well for me. my brush did not have any smell as mentioned on other reviews.

The best!

I felt guilty buying this brush I did not need. Not any more! All my other foundation brushes have been put away. This brush is the only one I will use