Beauty Product Reviews

Amazingly soft

This brush is beautiful, the hair is soft & it is perfect for finishing powders. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another BUT read the length carefully, I didn’t and I was quite surprised at how short the handle is. The hair is full length and again AMAZINGLY SOFT, this isn’t a workhorse brush it is an elegant finishing /light application brush.


As someone with 100+ brushes these became a quick favorite. The tapering of the bristles assist in a soft blended application. My blush/ bronzers look airbrushed with little effort. Eyeshadow is soft, smooth & blended. I am 52 & don’t want my makeup to look like Instagram.... these brushes are perfect.

A Surprise love.

I saw online reviews that were positive So I decided to give it a try. I don’t like a monochromatic face & this powder brightens the center of my face, nose, forehead etc in just the right dimension. I don’t use it everywhere, (I use a darker powder on the perimeter) I will recommend without hesitation to anyone who likes luminosity. I have medium/tan skin & it is not ashy or chalky on me- I actually believe this powder will work well for a variety of skin tones. I will repurchase.

Effective and versatile.

I love Retinoids, glycolics, AHA’s etc. Have used them 30+yrs & this product stands out- it is mild but the fact I can mix it in with serums/ oils / creams better than most products in the category. I prefer to choose how or with which products I use my treatments, so this is perfect for my lifestyle. I only hope they launch a stronger version as well.