Beauty Product Reviews


First of all, let me begin by mentioning that I have been on the search for the perfect nude to compliment my already pigmented lips ( brownish tint) and let me tell you that it's been quite the investigation! I have tried many nude shades and Charlotte Tilbury's pillow talk is the best hands down!! Honestly one of the most flattering shades out there! But what really amazed me was the staying power of this lip liner! I work 12 hour shifts and have worn this lip liner and by the end it worn down to a nice even subtle shade that was still noticeable. ( About 7 hours of true color)Just to give you an idea, some of the " nude shade" lip liners I own: Chanel in natural, MUFE 2C, Rimmel eastend snob, MAC lip treat. Indeed, they are all pretty shades but unfortunately they don't wear down evenly or last as long as pillow talk. When this lip liner is applied it is opaque enough to give a great color payoff and does not dry out my lips like most lip liners tend to be. Plus it's creamy application doesn't settle in lines or dry spots on my lips! I have honestly gotten so many compliments each time I wear it. This lip liner is worth every penny! I am completely satisfied with this purchase and love this " better than your own lip color" look! I have attached a recent photo of the lip liner applied. I used just the lip liner completely filled in with no top coat and no filter. Hope you found this honest review helpful!😊


**WORTH THE HYPE** There has been a lot of buzz about this product lately anywhere from beauty gurus to YouTube! AND let me tell you, it's for a GOOD reason!! It flatters the skin by creating the appearance of a natural luminosity. It is this subltleness that takes your skin and improves the overall texture by using high tech soft focus luminous technology through fine milled finishing powder. This palette contains three shades: DIM LIGHT,INCANDESCENT LIGHT, and RADIANT LIGHT. This product is definetly a higher end cosmetic product that retails for aprroximately $58. USD...BUT is worth the price because you have 3 different shades to work with! I want to emphasize that this is not a highlighting/glitter product! It is meant as a luminous finishing powder that I like to apply after foundation to set my makeup application. At first swatch on my hand, the color appeared as a light shimmer BUT when applied to my overall face, created a subtle glow that somehow softly blurred out any rough textured parts of my skin. As the day went on and the product mixed with my natural oils, that is when I noticed most of the "blurring" of prefections not so much immediately after application. I was honestly very impressed and wanted to test this out with other foundations ( because I originally used it with an hourglass veil foundation) and the results were the same: nice luminosity that takes your skin and transforms it to an even better version! Just to give you an idea of my skin tone, I have combination oily, medium tan complexion with yellow undertones, and rather noticeable pores along with moderate acne scars throughout. The #1 reason I love this product is the fact that it lasts throught the day (approx 7 hours without touch ups) and doesn't give a thick powdered appearance to emphasize my pores!! My favorite shade in the palette hands down is the DIM LIGHT, which appears as golden beige on my skin, I apply this all over as my setting powder. I use the RADIANT shade ( golden bronze color) more to warm up my face using it on the jaw line and in the hollows of my cheeks. My least favorite is the incandescent light, which is the lighter shade meant to be used to highlight the high points of the cheek. It is a nice shade but I prefer using my highlighter from the Charlotte Tilbury bronze and glow palette to be honest. Overall, a great product that I am completely satisfied with!! OH and another added bonus is that HOURGLASS IS A CLEAN LINE, meaning they do not use all the harsh chemicals that typically go into cosmetics such as parabens and nanoparticles AND they are CRUELTY FREE!! YAY!! 😊🐾Hope this review was helpful😊❤