Beauty Product Reviews

Very fond of the product, hate the applicator!

The best thing about this brow gel is that it does really hold my brows in place. I do have some hairs that stick out in crazy directions and this gel keeps them set.

The reason for 3 stars is because unfortunately, I do have two critiques. First, I do not care for, nor understand, why this has shimmer in it.... I really don't know why anyone would want shimmer in their brows. It isn't super noticeable once applied, but I feel like its unnecessary and I just wish it wasn't there, but I can live with it. The next complaint is far more important and would HIGHLY improve the overall ease of use.

I WOULD DO ANYTHING for Anastasia to update the brush from the giant "mascara style"one to a teeny tiny little brush like the one that comes with Benefit Gimme Brow. Those little brushes are AMAZING and make application soooo soooo SO much easier and more precise, and I believe most of the major brands include the tiny brushes now. I hate the giant brush with this. HATE IT.

Because of the inconvenient brush I usually use my Benefit Gimme Brow, even though I prefer the Anastasia. Gimme Brow doesn't have even close to the hold of the Anastasia formula.

I have now resorted to taking the brush from one of my recently emptied Benefit Gimme Brows and sticking it in the Anastasia tube so I can essentially use the Anastasia formula with the tiny precise Gimme Brow brush that I adore so much.

PLEASE, Anastasia, PLEASE, change the brush to a much smaller brush. I believe your formula is superior for hold. PLEASE update to a tiny brush (and lose the shimmer, if possible) Pleeeeease! I will do anything!!!!

Not for fair skin

I purchased the whole Norman Parkinson collection minus the red lipstick. I have some other CT products that I absolutely LOVE so I expected to be head over heels for all of these products. Unfortunately, I felt like for me personally, none of these were worth the high price. The only thing I kept was the cream blush, and I do *LOVE* that one and would recommend it if you want a piece of this collection. Of course you are paying a ton for the packaging, which I don't mind, but I expected the products to be WOW too.

This highlighter I was super excited for. The texture is divine and I think for a darker skin tone this color might be very flattering. For me it didn't work for a highlighter, it was too pink/peach/gold. I usually use Becca Moonstone or Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder is Candelight and they add a gorgeous glow with no obvious color. This looked more like a blush on me, but it was too much sheen to use for a blush in my opinion. The color is gorgeous, just not for me I guess, which makes me sad. I wish she had come out with a lighter color as well.

The only reason for 2.5 stars is the color. The compact, texture, and tone are gorgeous. I just wouldn't recommend this for very fair skin. I hated to have to do it but I ended up returning it because for $65 I couldn't justify keeping a product that I couldn't use. But again - medium skin would probably enjoy this. It is quite peach/pink though.

Love this

This is gorgeous. I think this is my favorite thing from the collection. The color is gorgeous and easy to blend, it gives a nice dewy finish and it seriously lasts all day which is surprising. It has a tackiness to it but I kind of like that. I think this is the best product in the line.

So sad about this one....

I purchased the whole collection minus the red lipstick as soon as it was for sale. I have been lusting after this for months now. The thing I was most excited for was this lipstick. It looks like such a pretty color - I thought there was no way that I would not love this one! Unfortunately, I am so disappointed with this. When I opened it and saw the color I could not wait to put it on. Once I put it on and looked at it I kind of stood there and thought... am I doing something wrong? I wiped it off, rubbed my lips clean, tried again, hoping this time it would be gorgeous. No. Same thing happened. It reminded me of how your lips look when you apply your foundation and get a light layer over them - every line, every dry patch, it all shows times 100. It makes my lips look awful and adds zero color. It makes me so sad but I am going to pack this up to return. It pains me so much to say but this is the worst high end lipstick I have ever purchased. :(