Beauty Product Reviews


I have tried so many makeup removers, purchased, sampled, you name it and this one is everything. My skin is very dry and after using this my face and eyes are clean but not stripped. It is amazing and will now be part of my daily routine.

So cute!

I love this palette. It’s adorable and allows me to be hands free while I do makeup. It is sanitary and easy to clean. Now I need to talk the rest of my makeup artist team into adding them to our kits.

Love this!

My eyeshadow looked exactly the same at 10:00 pm when I took it off as it did at 6:00 am when I put it on! These shadows are so smooth. They blended beautifully over Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion and lasted all day. This shade is the perfect neutral to set my primer all over my lid.Looking forward to expanding my collection of Inglot shadows as they are a larger size and better value than many other individual shadows on the market.


The info card was great! I love having as much information as possible about any product purchase.