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Jolly Rancher

This stuff is so yummy smelling and tasting! My 10 year old licks his lips and they dry out so badly. I have bought other lip scrubs, but this one was the winner! He loved the smell then he said, "Hey mom can I have some of that scrub" I said, "tomorrow when you wake up you can use it" He said, "I don't want to scrub my lips I just want to EAT it" I guess I'll be buying more flavors!


So I use the Gold Gel for longer treatments, and the silver for shorter ones. I drink silver water and use colloidal silver, all the time so I’m really happy they came out with a silver gel that is affordable and a great product.

Great Foundation

I really love ND Foundations. This is a nice Medium Coverage foundation in my opinion. It goes on nicely, it covers well, it doesn't oxidize throughout the day. I bought 45N it looks kind of dark at first and I thought maybe I bought too dark of a shade but it works perfectly since I am tan in the summer time. I think it would bee too dark in winter and I'd probably buy a shade lighter next time. Overall it is a really good foundation.

That Smell :(

If you are sensitive to smells you'll probably hate the smell of this stuff! My best friend said it smells like the beach/intoxicating. I put it on my arms and was like, "Hmm I'm not getting a beach vibe more like 8th grade Vanilla Fields". Went to pick up my son from school he gets in the car and after like 2min he says, "Is it just me or does it smell like a grandma in here?" Then I went to dinner with my sister and she was standing next to me and she says,"There is such a weird smell in here it's giving me a headache" I said, "Smell my arm" She says, "Yes thats it! I can't tell if I love it or hate it, but i'm leaning towards hating it" At this point I knew I had to return it.

Cream Blush

I've never used a cream blush before, this was my first one. I LOVE it! When I am doing my no makeup makeup look I use this. It gives me a hint of color. A little does go a long way but you can add more without it looking crazy or cakey.

Great Stuff

I mean it is $14! This works really well. I put it on before my moisturizer I do it in the morning and again at night. It does make me look really refreshed.


I know it’s expensive but it is amazing and worth every penny. I have this itchy eczema patch on my thigh so I used the ZIIP on the total clearing setting for about 1min. Immediately the itchiness went away. After 1 day the red bumps were smaller. A couple of days later I did it again and now it’s almost gone! In the past I’ve tried everything to get rid of it and nothing helped. I’ve been using this on my face and my skin does look and feel better. After I use it for a couple of months I will revise my review!

Great for messy hair

I got this in my Lucky Bag and wasn't too thrilled since I am a hair stylist. I usually use Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair when I want the messy, beachy hair. I had to take this on a trip since it was 2.2oz I have to say I love it! It doesn't weigh my hair down, it leaves no residue or that feeling of product in my hair and it smells so good.

Natural Foundation

I bought this a while ago. I didn't love it at first but its been growing on me. It is very light coverage. My husband told me he loved my makeup one day all I had on was this nothing else. He said he liked how "Natural" it looked. My dad said, "I don't think she's wearing any makeup" I think that sums this product up. We this when you want a natural look!

3rd one!

So this is my 3rd blush and won't be my last! I want toutou next! Like the 2 before this, this is so amazing. It gives me a nice barely there peachy glow. I agree this is a great summer blush especially if you have a tan. I am Scottish and Italian so I'm not pale white but I'm not olive toned either. I'm somewhere in between!

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