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Jul 17, 2015

Livi H.

Hey Brenda! I'm not sure it always depends on people. I figured this out by mistake though (the eyebrow growth using coconut oil) I started taking off my makeup with coconut oil. It worked out so perfect with no tugging and no owies in that area, I didn't have any brow hairs in the tail of my brow ans towards the beginning, and had a bald spot on my right lower lashline as well from previous ways of removing eye makeup. I ended up seeing a full growth of that area and my brow! Coconut oil is great because it's so versatile, it has good benefits such as lactic acid, antiviral as well as anti fungal and bacterial so it's definitely a healing oil. If you had eyebrow hairs normally where it's sparse now, it should grow back from the coconut oil if you use it everyday. This worked very well for me, but you should be as patient for at least a month as this is a natural oil

Brenda G.

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