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Beauty Product Reviews

Check out Temptalia for swatches!

This is my favorite eyeshadow brand that I bought so far and the price is even better! I would have bought these sooner but the swatches here are so bad that I turned away multiple times. If you want to see better swatches go to temptalia. She has a BIG collection of swatches just for inglot. I got as many shades that I could get at macy's because of her and now I'm here getting what macy's didn't have! Check out her swatches here:


None of the other colors caught my eye like divinity did. It has the best amount of glittery sparkly explosion that I was looking for. I put it on about a week ago and I can't stop looking at it.

1 coat is nice and subtle while 2 coats is AMAZING! The name is perfect. This nail polish gave my nails the most complements!


I love this liquid lipstick line! This is the first liquid lipstick that I've purchased and I couldn't be happier. It's very comfortable, super pigmented, and there's very little transfer to cups or your SO. The best part for me is that the fragrance is very light and goes away completely after application. I have them in I'm Royal, Blow Pony, Blue Velvet, and Weirdo; and it looks great on any skin color. About 2 coats will give you full coverage. Darker colors like Blue Velvet may need an extra coat. Rub on an oil of your choice like olive oil with some water to remove it.

Can't wait for the holiday collection! Jeffree Star has some great stuff coming up next year and hopefully he'll have it here on this website as well.