Beauty Product Reviews

Will return for refund...

The only nice thing about this brush set are the cherry blossom makie handles.

My past purchases of the Chikuhodo/Beautylish collaborations have been solid additions to my Japanese made brush collections including Koyudo, Koyomo, Hakuhodo, Sonia G., and Wayne Goss — which made this purchase all the more disappointing.

The hair is not the quality I expect from Chikuhodo. The retractable design feels exceptionally cheap — like dollar store cheap. The eyeshadow brush is too stiff with too small a head to really be functional. The powder and cheek brushes are very average at best. Super disappointed with this purchase.

Display? Work? Personal?

I own some shamefully high end Japanese brushes that are ‘display’ only. Occasionally I remove them from their shrines for gentle petting.

The Sonia G. brushes rival that quality. Stunningly pigmented lacquer handles and beautifully soft hair.

I want to keep them for myself but the efficacy of each brush would make my job as an MUA for film & television that much easier (and faster).

My cast already love my workhorses (Wayne Goss) and liken them to kitten paws and bunny tails. These brushes would elicit the same, but with awe at their sheer beauty.

The Sonia G. Fundamental Brush Set? I’m so torn. Display? Work? Personal?

Maybe another set is required!