Beauty Product Reviews

I was really nervous to order this foundation for a few reason. One right of the bat is the price tag, second being that I’ve never been matched correctly to my skin tone. So even when I asked for a color match similar to NC 40 (which is the closest I’ve ever been matched) they chose a color for me that seemed way off. (Amber) I chose golden natural because I have olive undertones. When I got it I was in shock at how close it was to my skin tone. I’m on the “paler” side right now but I know In the summer this is going to be a match made in heaven. The fact that it matches my skin and olive undertones was enough for me to try to make this foundation work at all costs if I needed to, but I didn’t even need to! I have dry skin so I was worried about this clinging to my dry patches, at first it kinda did, but the finish overall was so nice, really skin like, that I just overlooked that negative. I found though that throughout the day, those patches totally dissapeared and the foundation really did Melt into my skin like it claims. By the end of the day, all my makeup was still there and I had the most beautiful glow. It’s safe to say this foundation does what it says. Now, the cons, and for some these can be huge cons. First, it’s obviously pricey and you don’t get tons of product. For someone like me, who only wears foundation on weekends or special occasions, it’s no big deal. Second, and this was a big let down for me, was the amount of flashback. If you planned on using this for a special event or wedding where you will be photographed, (I bought this to wear for my wedding) this won’t work. Really bummed about that and so now I’m back to square one on finding a perfect foundation for that day.