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New for Me Nude

This is my first foray into the Jeffree Starr Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I recently went ombré/balayage and Celebrity Skin looks wonderful with the new makeup looks I've done with my new hair. It goes on smoothly and dries down to a slightly tacky finish. I've been able to wear this 8-10 hours without having to reapply - even after eating and drinking! It pairs well with a smokey eye, but worn alone, it does wash out my face. For reference, I'm Y405 in MUFE HD foundation and G50 in Cover FX. I really like this color and formula, and would definitely try other colors in the future!

Shut Up and Take All My Money!

This is the best makeup remover I have ever tried! I think the only way they could make it better is to include a pump so it dispenses evenly. This is my new holy grail for makeup removers because it removes EVERYTHING - even stubborn waterproof eyeliner. I used to have to use wipe after wipe or wash several times. I even resorted to using facial cleansing oil on a cotton ball, and while that did the job, I didn't think that would be good to use near my eyes. This is hands down the best thing that's ever happened to me on terms of makeup removal. If you haven't tried it yet, you will be wondering what took you so long once you do.

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If This Eyeliner was a Person

If this eyeliner was a person, it would be that unassuming dude at the bar. The one that's just chilling with a twinkle in his eye. You go over and talk to him just to be nice. Next thing you know: BAM! He's so smooth, he's got you messing up your eyeliner while you both get hot and heavy in the bathroom.

And then your look goes from neat winged cat eye, to Amy Winehouse, to looking like a panda. Or maybe it's just me. I got carried away because I messed up.

So this eyeliner: SO. SMOOTH. All gel eyeliners before this make me feel like I've been trying to ice skate on asphalt. There was friction, tugging, and a dryness that I bore because I didn't know any better. This Inglot gel liner came into my life and I'm like a kid skating on ice for the first time and doesn't know how to stop. What? There are more colors you say? This is going to be a slippery slope to a new addiction.

I love this liner. Pigmented, SMOOTH (I can't get over it), and does not budge once it dries. I wear contacts and my eyes tear up from dust easily. With this: no more runny eyeliner! Yay!

If you're not used to it like me, there is a learning curve involved and you may need to change up liner brushes until you get it just right.

But you will get it just right. This eyeliner is just what I was looking for.

A Nice Surprise

I received this duo in my 2014 Lucky Bag. I've never used any Kevyn Aucoin products, so this was my first one. I initially didn't think the colors would work together because they are so pigmented, but using them has definitely proven my initial impression wrong.

When I first tried the duo, I immediately fell in love with the rose gold color. It is a very fine, very pigmented rose shimmer. So gorgeous! The application is smooth and brings a subtle glow to my eyelids. It is easily my favorite - more so than the rose gold from the TF Nude Dip palette - because I can achieve this effect with less effort. I have to apply the TF rose gold wet and go over it again dry to achieve the same result as I would with the KA rose gold in one swipe. The TF shadow just appears too sheer on me.

The Iced Plum color was a little trickier to use. I used a light touch to apply it to my lids and blended it out, but it looked like I got a black eye. You can see this a little in the product swatches for this color on the two different skin times. Amy, my personal Beautylish Stylist, advised me to use it only at the corners with minimal blending. That really helped! It conserved the gorgeous plum color and it looked less like a bruise. So be aware of this beauty tip of you do have this duo and didn't know how to work the plum like I did.

There was no fall out to these shadows. I've actually used only this duo for the last week. I really love it! My Lucky Bag came with the Wayne Goss brush 17, and that's actually my preferred brush with this duo. The application works better with the WG 17 than my MAC 239 brush, which is my fave eye brush but too stiff for the result I want to achieve.

I'm going to continue playing with different looks with this duo; I've only worn it as a subtle smokey eye for work since I've had it. I think using each color alone would look wonderful. I also think you could easily use these colors to compliment other shadows you own.

My eyes are hooded, so I apologize that you can't see the shadows better in this photo, but it really is a great duo to have. I feel lucky indeed to have gotten it in my Lucky Bag! I don't think I would have purchased it, otherwise.

Great Brush

This brush was my first by Wayne Goss. I'd been looking for an all over face brush and read a lot of great reviews about this brush and the brand. This brush is very versatile and the right size for my small face. I can use it with bronzers and other face powders. It doesn't disturb the makeup already on my face. It is so soft! I've washed it a couple of times so far and t retains it's shape and feel. The handle feels comfortable in size and length. Everything about this brush makes it worth the splurge. This will definitely not be my last Wayne Goss brush purchase!

Good Variety

I'm new to Beautylish and was fortunate to be able to purchase a Lucky Bag in bold. I read a little bit about bags from previous years and was excited at the opportunity to try various products at a fraction of what I would pay if I purchased them individually.

I received the Indie Lee CoQ10 toner, a Wayne Goss brush #17, a Kevyn Aucoin eye duo in 205 (Rose gold / deep plum), Lit Cosmetics glitter kit in Afternoon Delight, an RCMA highlight / contour palette, and Bliss Lemon Sage lotion.

I've only ever had the Bliss lotion before. All other products are new to me. I tried them all and am happy with each of the products. I really love everything. I would repurchase the products I received or be interested in other products from those brands based on this experience.

I like that there was a lot of variety. My least favorite item was the lotion, only because I had it before. My favorites are the toner and the brush, with the Kevyn Aucoin duo as the close runner up. I've never done any contouring, so the RCMA palette is going to be a fun adventure. The quality of that palette really is stellar.

I think the worst part about these lucky bags is seeing what other people got and the risk that the colors or products may not suit you. I know it is the luck of the draw that some will get certain items or more items.

For someone who has never experienced most of these brands before, I am happy with this purchase. It was indeed a lucky bag for me.