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Beauty Product Reviews


I want to address a review on here, this does not contain parabens, it's a shame that Beautylish does not list the ingredients. Don't take my word for it, just Google the ingredient list. Now for the review. This is one of the most versatile foundations on the market, in forty-five years of being a commercial makeup artist I have never worked with another product even similar to this. I do not use it professionally, however, this is my personal base of choice. I take about a toothpick tip amount, place on the back of my hand and add a couple of drops of chia seed oil and I can go from the sheerest of the sheer to all-the-way full coverage. As a spot concealer, use the tip of an eyeliner brush and you are done, this does not even require a setting powder.

Not For Me

It's not easy to write an unfavorable review for Goss brushes, I imagine his legion of fans will fall on me like a herd of charging rhino, but here goes.

I am a commercial makeup artist and have been for over four decades so I am no neophyte or YouTube groupie.

I find this and the five other Goss brushes that I purchased, all the while being charmed by Mr. Goss's candor and wit, but this being so tapered(to a point)that it is rendered useless for the dusting off of powder after my application using a puff. I also have a lid brush that is unusually wide and I was thrilled to see that, unfortunately, it simply does not pick up enough color. I think the problem lays in the fact that Mr. Goss uses heavily pigmented and soft shadows and blushes, as such very soft bristles would be much easier to use as there would not be endless tapping and shaking off excess. But for me, I require brushes that are more densely packed(much)and the inclusion of firmer and yes, god forbid coarser bristles. I would love to find a needy makeup artist that would/could use all my Goss brushes.

Hopes dashed

It's hard to write a poor review for a Wayne Goss brush, his passion and dedication are impressive, however, one test of a good quality brush is how it dries after washing. The bristles once dry should remain in perfect shape and no hair askew, this sadly splays and as such, it is in now in storage .

C'est Magnifique

I love everything about Sisley lipsticks, the scent, the shape, the case, the color...but most of all I love how long lasting it is. I put on my lipstick at 9a.m. and at noon it's still there and that's after coffee and a couple of cigarettes. The formula is divine as it contains lanolin and I use pure lanolin on my hair as a pomade and on my cuticles etc. The color I wear, L13 or Petal is a lovely more pink leaning pink/peach with the perfect amount pearlizing(sp) gleam. I am 64 and in MAC speak I am NC23-25 or Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer #3, brown hair and eyes and this color lights up my face without screaming or strobing!

Comme ci comme ca

This cleansing balm harkens back to the days of cleansing creams and milks which are very soothing, have a thorough cleansing ability and never water activated as in you needed to follow up with a toner or astringent and that is what I did with this cleanser 50% time. When I did not use a toner my skin just didn't feel as though I had not done all that I could to constitute a thorough experince. I did enjoy using it as I am mad for lanolin and as far as parabens go...they are not the bad guys people seem to believe they are. There was one..that's right one study that made claims that parabens cause breast cancer and other cancers. NOT TRUE, that study was not a double blind nor was ever able to be replicated by any study anywhere anytime, it should also be noted that parabens are found in nature, of course so is cyanide but that's for another discussion. The reason I gave this two stars is that it did not do anything different for me than Ponds Cold Cream. It should be noted that I am an Erno Laszlo and Sisley user and lover so I am accustomed to the high priced spread, but this stuff just didn't make the grade for me plus I noticed a build up of congestion (clogged pores) on my nose and chin just as I do with Ponds, which by the way I used as a side by side comparison doing half my face with Eve Lom and the other half with the aforementiond Ponds.

Radiant is Right

It would be an impossible task to find any Sisley treatment that isn't stellar. What I love about this mask is that it is deep cleaning, never harsh, non-drying, the effects are long lasting, with regular use, the cumulative effect is a consistently glowing complection.


I did not know I needed this till I used it, for the past month and a half I have experienced a lot of itching and inflammation on my upper lip and surrounding area, after reading so many glowing(pun intended)reviews I bought and received this in two days (thanks, fedEx and Beautylish). While this balm/unguent has not removed the itching, the redness is subsiding. Now here comes the need portion of my review, my complexion has a lovely lustre/sheen to it that it did not have prior. At 63 years old I have been diligent in my skin care regime(Laszlo and Sisley) have the complexion to prove it, but I always wanted to have that sheen and this has given me that, of course, the lustre is the by-product the real work that Blue Cocoon does, after three-four days the skin is supple and comfortable, even though I do not have dryness. I do not write skin care reviews when I have used treatment products for so short a time. but when I woke up and saw the youthful glowing and plumping, I just had to post.Now onto the $160 portion of my review, I cannot stress how important it is to use the correct amount. I glide my fingers rather than dipping in with any kind of pressure across the top and that is all I need for my entire face, as such this 1.69 ounce should last for a number of months. If you want to use this in the daytime, I would NOT use foundation on top because this formula has a slight occlusivity I suspect it could actually pull the base into the skin thereby defeating the purpose of both foundation and Blue Cocoon. The next bit of challenge figuring out exactly when to use this in conjunction or not with myriad unguents, serums, potion, anti this anti that and whatever snake oil I own.

The Bomb

This is a very special product, which after you read all my Sisley reviews will be sick and tired of hearing, what makes this such a successful long time bestseller for Sisley is the way it is used. You apply it to dry skin, let it dry and then holding the skin taut with one hand, you than massage and roll away the 'mask' and after that careful deliberate process you will be greeted with a complexion that not only glows, but is softer than a baby's bottom and the results are long lasting. I do this every 7-10 days and at 60 plus years old my skin IS as soft as baby's bottom and my complexion glows like that of someone in their thirties.

This Is Keeper

It is rare in the skin care/eye care world that eye masks do much of anything beyond " Oh this just feels so good", but not in this case because costly but genrously sized tube is packed with moisture/line reducing benefits. The instruction tell you to leave it on for 10-20 minutes, well I apply it thickly to the entire eye area and leave it on overnight and WOW what a difference. I have had this tube for four months and use it once or twice a week and there is enough left for several months.