Beauty Product Reviews

In Love!!

Some of the best lashes I've ever used. I'm a sucker for Sugarpill products, but only recently tried their lashes. The style "Sinnocent" is so soft, but adds just the right amount of drama. They were a bit too long for my eyes (like most lashes are), but I just trimmed a little off and they were perfect. I got so many compliments on them and will definitely order a few more pairs once restocked:)

I own these in a few shades: "Pink Chocolate", "Spice, Spice Baby", and "Lollipop." First of all, they smell great! I cannot stand products with a strong chemical smell. These go on smooth and stay in place. I don't always use a lip liner (laziness) and I haven't experienced any bleeding or feathering. I find these moisturizing, but I always exfoliate my lips. Pink Chocolate is a beautiful shade. It's a pinky berry brown. It's been my go-to shade. Spice, Spice Baby is more of a neutral, but still has great color payoff. Lollipop is a beautiful shade. I'm in love with the subtle gold shimmer to it. It's bold, but not too bold. Definitely will be picking up more :)