Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

It makes your lashes look like you have falsies! I really love this!! I had it for about 5 months and it worked perfectly every time. I bought it in brown ( it was a mistake ) but I ended up loving the natural color and how natural it looked. Even thought my eyelashes looked super long, they still looked natural which is what I loved the most!!

Love it!!

I love this!! I don't usually wear lip gloss (like the ones from VS) bevause they're too sticky and my hair gets in them. But this one's different! I love the consistency of the product, the color and the smell!!


I really like this liner. But I don't like that when I have a lot of eyeshadow on, the eyeshadow gets in the liner and then the product stops coming out. Overall, I like it, but prefer my gel and eyeliner brush.