Beauty Product Reviews

Frankly Ridiculous Size for Price

As much as I adore (and by adore I mean, own half their product line) rms beauty's products and especially their beautiful highlighters--which, might I add, is the reason I gave this 2 stars rather than 1--the size of this vs. the pricing is just not worth it in my opinion. You get a cheap plastic casing with four VERY shallow wells of product which are, to my knowledge, not refillable.

Vibrant, soft, outstanding brushes

I wouldn't expect any less of these expertly-crafted Japanese brushes. The bright red design is beautiful and eye-catching and definitely unique. I'll take red lacquer over black or white any day. The travel bag is a great addition with the extra pocket for storage and the careful attention to detail in every aspect of packaging, design, and craftsmanship is just outstanding. These brushes are so soft they feel like they melt into the skin. I was so disappointed I missed out on last year's LE beautylish x chikuhodo set, but this year's seems to be a step up from all the reviews I've read. I'm really enjoying the blush, highlight, and eyebrow brushes so far. I can't wait to see the possibilities for these brushes in future usage.