Beauty Product Reviews

These brushes are SO SOFT.

I have all of Wayne Goss's brushes and I thought that they were soft but I compare the holiday brush and the powder brush from this set and I think the powder brush might even be softer. Now, with that said, I have washed the Holiday brush so overtime it might have lost some of the newness. This set is my tester set before investing in the rest of the Chikuhodo line. I also must say That the packaging for this is the most beautiful yet. Even the way they shipped it was gorgeous.

Gets the job done

This clean up pencil, really cleans up the toughest makeup.. I use the too faced lip pencil and it usually stays on my skin, making tough to remove but with one swipe of this pencil and it comes off easily. It is also good for the little mistakes that happen when applying makeup. Will definitely be repurchasing!

Perfect lip

I will be honest, the packaging on this product is what initially drew me into this brand. It says that you can use it for lips and cheeks but I am one of those people who use it for just one or the other so I chose lips. It is just a great color and the tin that comes with it is so handy, I those in a few other things I might need throughout the day and take it with me.

Moisture on the go.

I love this product! I get extremely dry spots on my chin area. When ever I feel like I need a boost, I pull out this pencil, which comes in its own carrying tin. Also inside this tin, there is its own sharpener and a mirror inside the lid! I think that is the greatest thing ever.. It allows you to see exactly where you are applying products without forcing you to go find a bathroom especially if you are out and about. The crayon like application makes it easy to rub on and spread using your fingers. I will definately be buying this product again and again!