Beauty Product Reviews

Good molecules is killing it with their amazing products! Everything I’ve tried has worked great with my skin and this is no exception. I usually go for chemical exfoliation but this is great because it uses fruit enzyme extract. It is also very gentle which is a plus for me. The price is unbelievable for the product quality you get. So highly recommend if you are looking for a physical exfoliator.

More of an essence than a toner.

This toner but I would say it’s more of an essence, why? This has such amazing ingredients like Niacinamide, Vitamin C and licorice root extract. I’m just not wasting these amazing ingredients on my cotton pad so it’s going straight on my face. The texture is semifluid but not sticky at all so it really has an essence feel to it. So after cleansing this goes on my face it gives a nice hydrated feel to my skin. Good molecules have hit goal with this product love it.

No greasiness!

I have combination skin and I’m not crazy about oils. This oil is different it’s a beautiful and nourishing oil that sinks in beautifully without leaving a greasy film on my skin. Also, good molecules take into account ethical resourcing so it’s a win win for me.

Layers beautifully.

I love this moisturizer, why? It’s the perfect texture not to heavy or light. It spreads beautiful leaves a well prepped skin. It layers beautifully with skin care+ spf. It keeps my skin moisturized all day without the greasiness and is a great price point. I honestly enjoy using it and reach for it every day.