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  • Beauty Detox: Winter Bisque

    Beauty Detox: Winter Bisque

    Love to warm up on a chilly day with a hot cup of soup? Try a bisque! This week celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder gives us a bisque recipe based on squash, a vegetable that’s high in beta-carotene (a great source of vitamin A), so you’ll feel full and know you’re getting your vitamins!

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  • Beauty Detox: Skin Brightening Soup

    Beauty Detox: Skin Brightening Soup

    A soup recipe that will keep your skin looking great—even when you're a little lazy to cook.

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  • Beauty Detox: Skinny Carbs

    Beauty Detox: Skinny Carbs

    Although most women think they’ll gain weight if they eat that isn’t necessarily the case. Quinoa is one of the most nutritious forms of complex carbohydrates in the world, and by eating it your body will release energy more slowly—so you’ll stay fuller longer! This week celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder brings us a recipe for veggie turmeric quinoa, a tasty way to include quinoa (and more complex carbs) into your diet.

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  • The Clickable Beauty Club

    The Clickable Beauty Club

    We’re going to let you in on a little secret: The best new beauty products aren’t sold at your local Sephora store. Here’s why the most covetable cosmetics brands are only available online, which makes us love them even more.

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  • The Best Shoe and Pedicure Combinations
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    The Best Shoe and Pedicure Combinations

    Choosing the right nail polish to complement your shoes can sometimes be difficult. Do hot pink toes really go with silver stilletos? We show you our favorite combinations.

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  • Tutorial: Fall's Dark Lip
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    Tutorial: Fall's Dark Lip

    Dark, wine-colored lips are a great way to kick up a neutral look this season, as shown at the fall Custo Barcelona, Christophe Lemaire, and Anne Valérie Hash shows. Pairing the right eye makeup with a deep berry lip is cinch with this tutorial by Beautylish's Jasmine. Check it out to see how to do it!

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  • NARS New Larger Than Life Lip Gloss

    NARS New Larger Than Life Lip Gloss

    NARS has released a new line of lip glosses that provide high shine, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, and come in an array of NARS' stunning colors. Keep reading to find out more!

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