Beauty Product Reviews

I find the best way to use this brush is for blending out stick foundations. I don’t love it for liquid foundations because it gets too gummied up with product after 1 use. I find it very soft and comfortable on the face. It hasn’t shed on me and washes well. The handle fits comfortably in your hand and the brush really feels nice and weighty and not flimsy at all. I gave it 4 stars because I feel like I have to wash it after every use because the white bristles collect more product than I personally care for, but it performs well for what I use it for. I can see how some people wouldn’t like it for liquid foundation. Overall, it’s good quality but a hefty price tag. Fortunately for me, I received it inside my regular sized Lucky Bag for 2020 and was quite pleased since it wasn’t a common item inside the Lucky Bag unboxings I watched on YouTube.


This brush is an ideal travel companion for your purse everyday or for traveling. It’s compact and sleek and a perfect brush for either touch-ups or for application of powder products. I am impressed by:

#1) the fact that the brush holder keeps the brush protected and the brush hairs don’t get caught in the cover #2) the density of the brush is right on! Not too dense and not overly fluffy, just perfect for applying all over the face and even getting around your nose and finer features of your face due to it being slightly tapered at the end. #3) this brush hasn’t shed not even 1 hair! #4) the packaging looks aesthetically pleasing and is classic with the solid gold #5) the price is very fair given the great quality #6) the brush is comfortable and soft, not scratchy whatsoever

I’m a big a Jouer fan and this brush was a total whim purchase and I’m pleasantly satisfied with it and would most definitely recommend. I’m hard to please but this was an easy win for me!