Beauty Product Reviews

Instant brightening!!!

I notice instant brightening effects. Has not irritated my sensitive and reactive skin. Added plus that it’s all natural ingredients. About to order my 2nd jar because I don’t want to run out.

Fave all over setting powder

It gives a smoothing effect and is a very milled powder. A little goes a long way and is natural looking. The color N600 is a perfect color for me and has become my go to. I wish this powder came in a compact.

I love this concealer and have No complaints

I was skeptical with color selection due to prior experience with the brand but I have been pleasantly surprised. The color I chose is close but not quite my skin tone so it gives good natural coverage under my eye. It is creamy but not thick or too thin. Great consistency. It blends really easily And the sponge actually does feel good and gentle under the eye. . No diff from other brush/doe foot tipped applicators which can stand to be washed and disinfected now and again. I gotta say I highly recommend this one because it gives good coverage, it does not dry cakey or remain too emollient. I don’t experience that creepy look at the end of of my work day. It gives a nice smooth polished finish.

Surprisingly dry formula

This was my first concealer by the brand and was happy to some darker shades. The shade I got is the darkest and it leans a bit too orange for under eye concealing in my opinion but its workable I suppose. It has decent light/medium coverage but out of the box it was a bit dry and not creamy as I expected. I find that because of its drier texture it doesn’t blend easily and constantly lifts or rub off when applying with my sponge or brush. I even try warming it on the back of my hand before applying but this doesn’t seem to help so I don’t really use it.

I see and feel noticeable thickening at my roots

I’ve been using daily for going on 4 weeks and I I admit I notice my hair thickening at the root in areas I apply the serum like my hairline and crown. I don’t use at same time but I do use daily and I use a generous amount and I still have about for about another week and a half so I see the bottle Lasting a good 6-8 weeks depending on how much you use. It has a water like consistency But absorbs into my scalp quickly and easily with a little massaging. Since it’s texture is watery feeling I haven’t noticed it giving my hair any strange feel Or texture. Can’t say if the effects wear off after I stop using and I’m not about to find out cauSe I’ve already recorded. So far I would recommend this product it’s prertt good for the price and also the thickening I see is all the serum I’m not currently taking any biotin or hair supplements. Give it a try.