Beauty Product Reviews


I have 8 of these and love every single one! They have en extremley high colour pay off. They are also very moisturising and are comfortable to wear unlike many matte lipsticks. The price point is absolutley amazing, I would be willing to pay a high end price for the formulation of these! Extremley good stayin power and I have no big complaints. The only thing I am not fond of is the packaging but for the price I dont care.


I have no complaints whatsoever when it comes to this product. It is extremley pigmented with absolutley no fallout. The perfect formulation. Stays on the face all day and a very small amount goes a long way, this is what I use to contour and it is perfect!

Really good!

These lipsticks have an incredibly good colour payoff. The consistency of the lipstick itself is amazing, it glides on and looks amazing on the lips. The packaging is remarkable, it feels and looks expensive. The lipstick os quite fragrant but nothing too strong or overpowering. My only complaint is the staying power which is average, and it shouldnt be for the price.