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Beauty Product Reviews

Soo gooood.

No need for a lipliner or a brush for Lipcolour anymore. Both shades i own (i Woke up, the first time and true love means) are adapting so naturally to my lipcolour. These products are pure Natural beauties! And the packaging is so special. I got two refills and one golden applicator, just to save some money, switching them is absolutely fine. If a lipgloss Style is needed just apply a drop cream onto it, Fantastic!

Dat Glow!

Finally a product that gives me that healthy Glow i always craved for. Feels like nothing on my skin!

Pure love!

I used to hate my morning routine because of messing my Eyeliner up every day, plus Panda eyes unto the limit. Now, i can't wait to start the routine because putting on the Eyeliner is such an exitement with this. Never saw something so precisely working before.

Never anything else

This is the first Concealer my eyes don't react allergic to. 8hours and still looking perfect. So smooth and so nourishing.

Replacing my whole Brush collection with this

I never felt something so smooth gliding upon my face. This is so multifunctional that i am going to sell my whole Mac collection because i don't need anything else than this.