Beauty Product Reviews

This was my first color to order from this brand.... with that being said, i did puke as soon as I opened the finger nail polish. (It was the scent and it was not a bad one at all. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I take that back.. I know a little.) Regardless, that didn’t stop me from using the polish. It’s absolitely beautiful and I will still probably buy more.

Literally AMAZING

So I have had this for a while and have been too scared to use it. Birth control triggered Seborrheic Dermatitis for me and I have lost half of my hair because doctors couldn’t figure out what I had. Luckily, I know how to use the internet and I don’t want to brag too much but I am pretty smart... so of course- I figured it out. It has been a nightmare, though. I am terrified to try new things because I never know how my scalp is going to react. Just because something works really well for someone else with this condition does NOT mean it will work for me or others with Seborrheic Dermatitis. Keep that in mind as I leave this review if you are someone with Seborrheic Dermatitis. I finally got the courage to use it and let me just be real for a a second..... they hit the nail on the coffin when they named this baby “Serene and soothing”..... I wish I was kidding but I literally almost put the whole bottle on my head because of how amazing it felt. So..... I am really back on this website because I have to order it again and while I am here.. I thought I owed Oribe this review, as well as Beautylish, for carrying this product because I will be ordering it over and over again. I don’t recommend doing what I did. It felt amazing but it was a little hard to get out. However, if you are someone with scalp issues... DO NOT EVEN THINK TWICE... just do it. (Nike please sponsor me) ok, that’s it.

Way better and more effective than Finacea Gel

I bought this Azelaic Acid from here months ago after diagnosising myself with perioral dermatitis on my chin. (I have never had any kind of skin issues what so ever until these past two years.) My hair started falling out and I spent a year going to doctors and no one could tell me what was going on... I thought it was birth control because it was all around the same time and made sense. They told me I was wrong and that my hair was falling out from stress. I told them I know my body better than anyone. If my hair was going to fall out from stress. I would have been bald back in 2013. Anyways- the birth control triggered Seborrheic Dermatitis Which caused the hair loss. Thankfully, I know how to use the internet and figured it out myself. I also have Rosacea that I apparently got from “too much stress.”(and I am not being sarcastic. I know what stress can do to the body. I absolutely believe them. It’s just so unfortunate) I have had laser treatments. I own every type of laser treatment out there myself. However, This past November (2017)... I was put on an antibiotic and I got all these acne like bumps/scars on both sides of my chin. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on different stuff to get rid of them. I have a dermatologist who is incredible intellectual and very confident in everything she says and does. She told me it was just acne and to use my Finacea Gel and Metro gel. She wanted to put me on medication as well, but I wouldn’t allow it. Long story short... I ended up deciding that she was wrong and I have had this Azelaic Acid for months and I just started using it this past week.. it’s the clearest my face has been since this past November. I do believe it is perioral dermatitis that is on my chin. This has worked wonders for me and not just for my chin. It’s helped my Rosacea and my Seborrheic Dermatitis. I’m so mad at myself for just not trying it. Definitely will be ordering more!