Beauty Product Reviews

Formula is Great, Lid is Hard to Open

I definitely recommend this cream, but go for the pump version. I don't know what it is about the design of the lid on this, but it is VERY difficult to open. I'm an abled person with no issues opening products typically, but the only way I can get this freakin puzzle box open is by prying my thumb nail inbetween the cap and the base, and even then I'm giving myself more booboos on my knuckle than I'm comfortable having.

The lotion itself though is really nice and I can use it all over my face and body without breaking out.

So Gentle I Can Open My Eyes While Washing

I'm really pleased with this. I wear glasses, so I have to get really close to the mirror when I'm washing to make sure all my mascara is cleaned from around my eyes. I usually have to rinse my face clean so I can check and do several rounds of washing, even when I double cleanse, but with this cleanser being so gentle, I can monitor how clean I am in one step. I waste a lot less product this way.


I've been on the hunt for a deodorant that really works and doesn't dry out my pits. The scent of this is nice and light, but it kinda fails as an actual deodorizer. I've used so many freakin deodorants lately that, honestly, it just seems to be the industry standard to not actually fight or cancel out odor. If you're looking for a subtle pit perfume, though, and you wanna embrace your own natural human smell, maybe you'll be into this.

Very Dry, Does Not Coat Lashes

There is one very glowing review of this product on this website, and I'm highly suspicious of its veracity.

So. This mascara I ordered and received just a few weeks ago. I'm the kind of person that naturally has very long lashes, and a lot of them, so any mascara works for me. I like a nice feathery lash look, so I chose this mascara because the wand is the kind of wand I'm drawn toward to really catch every lash and and brush away any clumps. And in all fairness, this wand is really nice. Really nice. But you know what's not nice? The ink inside the tube. The first time I used it, I noticed that it really only coated my lashes at the root. As I worked the wand to the ends of my lashes, the ink just would not stick to the hair. After working with it and dipping the wand back into the tube for more product a few times, I've been able to make this work, but it's only made the mascara dry out faster. I tried adding a few drops of rosehip oil to beef up the ink. I hoped it would smooth out the formula and help it stick to my lashes, but it didn't help. It takes several dips into the tube to get one full coat of product on the lashes. It's disappointing. In the same price range, the Glossier Lash Slick is very nice.