Beauty Product Reviews

The quality is great but beware it's kind of pinched

I thought this brush was a slightly rounder and not as pinched as it is. I also thought it would be larger. Still giving it five stars bc the quality is impressive. I hope some day Beautilish will do photos of every brush from three angles (front, side, top) and with a female hand holding it. I can imagine that this is quite cumbersome and expensive but it would be the icing on the cake when shopping for high-quality brushes on Beautilish. I absolutely love Beautilish! ❤️

My favorite blender brush

I like it even better than my Wayne Goss 03. I personally think it's softer. You can use it clean for creating a perfectly blown out, diffised look or if you have eyes that are medium-sized/larger such as mine to pack and blend color in the crease. I ordered a second one. Don't want to be without it.

Excellent crease brush

An absolute joy to work with. Not very pointed but not very domed either. Kind of in between. I think my eyes are quite sensitive (maybe not extremely sensitive) and I find this brush doesn't irritate my skin. Makes it very easy to achieve more complicated looks even as a beginner. Works perfectly for my eyes that I would describe medium-sized and not super-hooded.