Beauty Product Reviews

I love all but the pop shade in this quad. They're gorgeous, blendable, and wears just as nicely as my Tom Ford quads. However, the purple pop shade is really, really underwhelming. There are sheer shades that are buildable (which applies to the other three colors in this quad), then there are shades that just aren't good, which is the case for the purple in this quad. When using a brush or finger to apply, it performs extremely underwhelming and a bit patchy, but it works out ok if you use a sponge applicator as someone else have mentioned in one of the other reviews, but there are definitely better purples out there. I still think the prime, enhance and smoke shades are so good that it's a solid palette overall, but because of the weak pop shade, I can't give the palette more than four stars overall.

This is one of my workhorses, mostly because it's so incredibly sturdy and easy to keep clean. The synthetic hair is super soft, and while I mostly use it for blush application, there have been times where I've used it for my entire face; foundation (wipe it off on a tissue or paper towel before going into powders after), powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter. This brush is so versatile and a great value for your money. If I was just starting out with makeup or knew somebody that were just getting into it, this would be one of the top three face brushes to start with.