Beauty Product Reviews

Really good quick spot treatment

Now I'm someone who always breaks out. It's gotten to the stage where skin related antibiotics and the pill doesn't even work. So I've lived with bad blemish, large pores and giant spots on my face. It was embarrassing. I couldn't bare to leave the house without makeup on. So buying this I was a bit septic as I've tried Sand&Sky before and it was terrible. So didn't want another pricey treatment to be a let down. But at last, I was 'shooketh'. The sulphur isn't a pleasant smell, but as a chemist graduate I know it has some good properties regarding killing bacteria and putting a pea sized amount on problem areas literally made oncoming spots disappear within 2-3 days. I AM AMAZED! I've never ever been happier to find something that actually bloody works! For someone who has had acne and now acne scars for 12 years I am so blessed that now I can prevent the scarring by defeating the spot before it explodes on my face. Thank you Sunday Riley, I wish I met you before I spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on spot and acne clearing treatments.

Best cleanser ever

Really happy with the size of it, wasn't expecting so much product. It works like a dream on my brushes and my beauty sponge.

Great brush, not so great price.

This is a really really nice brush, it blends seamlessly and doesn't collect gross foundation gunk at the bottom of the bristles. Really easy to clean as well and doesn't feel as though it's ruined or lost it's softness. The only downside though is the price. I know it's vegan and cruelty free, but being the same price as the foundation which in my opinion isn't amazing, it's a bit of a let down.