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Beauty Product Reviews

So cute

I knew when I first saw these brushes I just had to have them! They are so cute and campy. I love the light green see thru bag they store in and the set is perfect from eyeshadow to powder to foundation brushes. The quality is really good, not too soft not too stiff...kind of baby bear perfect. The price is very reasonable for what you get. I'm totally enjoying them.


This is my first Wayne Goss Natural Hair brush. I got it on the recommendation of @kinkysweat who did a whole tutorial on his brushes. She said it is the most amazing brush to set powder especially under your eyes. I have mature eyes and struggle with powders caking and creasing in my fine lines no matter how lightly I try to apply undereye. That's until this little beauty. It picks up powder brilliantly, tap, tap and I sweep it under my eyes. Plus, the bristles are so soft it deposits the perfect amount, just enough to set without caking. Before I usually didn't set my concealer but now I can and my concealer stays fresh and crinkle free all day! It even works great on reapplication. I also use this brush to set my forehead, around my nose and lips. Can't recommend this brush highly enough.

Not what I expected

I have had my eye on Viseart palettes for a while but didn't wish to spend $80 to try out a brand I'd never used before. I thought the $30 price tag was closer to practical so I ordered both this years mini Viseart palettes.

The Soleil palette was a chance purchase. I liked the colors but was afraid they might he too, "young" for me. I am in my 60s. But I thought what the heck and ordered it. The colors on inspection look bright and shimmery and my apprehension grew but I decided to try them out before returning the palette.

Am I glad I did! The colors are nothing like they look or swatched on my hand. They are beautiful, light and soft, nothing harsh. Even the shimmers are finely milled and not chunky which I do not like. They are buildable so I am sure you can brighten the look up but I applied them in a wash of soft color which brightened and opened up my eye area. They shout Spring! But not in a garish way, rather in a gently youthful way. The powders are buttery and blend flawlessly without getting muddied up. They also do not accentuate my crepey eyelids but rather somehow blur the look. My husband even commented how pretty my eyes looked. He's so accustomed to seeing me in neutrals I think he was pleasantly shocked to see me in light beautiful Spring/Summer colors.

I was so pleased with my purchase that I found the previous three mini palettes I, II, and III and purchased those. I know I will not be disappointed and will have fun deciding on which colors to mix and match.

I can understand now why Viseart has such a loyal following. Add one more person to that list.

Smaller than expected

These are well made buds, sturdy and tightly wound and they come in a cute recloseable plastic bag. But they are much smaller than I was looking for. I mean they are tiny. They work well for manicure mess ups but next time I'm purchasing the next size up. They were out of stock so I bought these but I'm going to wait for them to restock.and order them next time. All in all a superior product just know they are very small.

Another great sanitizing product

Bought these and the spray sanitizer. Now each time I grab a well loved product it gets a spritz or a wipe. Germs gone!

Great for lipsticks, glosses, mascara, concealers, eyebrow and lip pencils, etc. With both products in your beauty bag you never have to worry about bacteria again! Will never be without again.

So happy to have found this product

I've always wondered how professionals sanitized their powder and cream eyeshadows and blushes and other beauty items. Now I know.

I tend to "collect" cheek and shadow palettes and so take a good while to finish them. I always worried about bacteria buildup but no more. A few spritzes and the bad stuff is gone!

Great product.


I have KP, have since I was younger. Nothing I have tried, and I've tried countless prescription and OTC products, has done more than give me slight relief. Some products have done absolutely nothing to help this condition.But after trying Biodermas Atoderm PP Balm I am amazed at the results.

I apply the Balm twice a day morning and night. It only takes a pump or two on each upper and lower arm, each thigh, and my upper back and I'm good to go. No fragrance or staining on clothing, it absorbs quickly and never feels greasy or too heavy on my skin. The amazing thing is how soft and non-scaly my skin feels and felt immediately even after my first use. In the past I had to wait a week or more to see even slight results but not with this product! I saw and felt instant improvement on my skin quality at once. And I know it is nourishing and improving my skins barrier. My skin looks great. No more flakes or ashiness. Even if I miss a day my skin still feels soft and very touchable.

For years I covered up my arms and legs and cringed if someone touched my skin. I was always so embarrassed. But this summer I'm baring my skin proudly! No more capris and long sleeved blouses for me. I am a Bioderma Atoderm PP Balm user for life.

Suits my purpose

Recommended by a Beautylish rep to wear under my Kosas Tinted Oil. Since it's not water based it works great under oil and wax based (RCMA) foundations. Haven't tried it under my water based foundations yet but it works great for the reason I purchased it . Goes on super smooth and prevents pilling. Happy with purchase.

Best lip product ever

I own over 20 different lip treatments from high end to drugstore. Yet, I'm always looking for the miracle product for my extremely dry, chapped lips. Nothing worked. I would use lip scrub and slather the others on and nothing! My lips and lipstick/glosses looked dry, patchy and peeling and my lips hurt and even bled at times. Till I tried Bioderma Atoderm. I actually purchased the 3 pack bc I liked what I read.

Happily, I wasn't disappointed. I've finally found the perfect lip product. The first few days the Bioderma Atoderm made my lips feel soft and moisturized. There is no fragrance or awful smell or taste and the product lasts for hours. Today I noticed the dead skin just wiped off and underneath my lips were soft and baby smooth! I can't believe the difference. I'm a definite Bioderma Atoderm fan girl from now on.

Works great

My rating is more 4 1/2 stars bc the iLash Comb is well made and works great. It works much better than the plastic combs I've used in the past. It does a good job separating and combing away a lot of the clumpiness left behind by my mascara. The teeth are spaced far enough apart but not too close to cause any tugging so the comb glides through your lashes easily. It wipes clean after using and folds which is nice too. The only reason I held off 1/2 star is bc I can't seem to get it to remove some of the clumps on my outer eyelashes. Maybe it'll take more practice but I'm glad I bought it and use it every day. Good purchase.

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