Beauty Product Reviews

Decent gloss

This is the first gloss I've purchased from By Terry.

PROs: -Very interesting color! I got Spicy Crush and it's unlike anything else in my collection. It's a warm tone, almost orangey color in some lights, and a cooler-tone, purple color in others. -Reasonable staying power. -It's not sticky or goopy in texture, though it never "dries down." I actually prefer this.

CONS: -A little tricky to apply. The color is very bold, but if you're not careful the gloss gets patchy. As it dries down, this stops being an issue, but it's a little annoying. -There's a super strange medicinal taste. It reminds me of cough medicine, and it lingers. Not a deal breaker, but again, considering the price point of the gloss, I expected more attention to detail. -Cap metal color doesn't match the metal used on the bottom part of the component. Considering the price, seems a careless move.

The perfect lipstick...

I have really dry lips and have lately been over the super matte lip look. I wanted something that looked like almost a natural burst of sheer color on the lips to compliment natural makeup. This is the perfect lipstick for that. I have a lot of trouble finding shades that last long, have high color payoff, but wear like a balm.

I bought the shades Alexis and Nina, but now I want the whole set 🤷🏼‍♀


I have a huge issue with congestion and blackheads. I've used many other AHA and BHA products, but never have I seen such amazing instant results as with this product. It did tingle quite a bit around my nose, and after removing 10 minutes later, I was shocked to see my pores the clearest they've been in years. This is a miracle product.

Great cost/benefit

I live in Brazil, and delivery of international products often takes 2-3 months, so I was really struggling with other vitamin C serums oxidizing quickly and having to go months without a C serum. This product has been an amazing find.

The texture, as most mention, is a bit gritty (it reminds me of baking soda scrubs) and is quite greasy, so I agree it's not great for morning use. However, at night, it has been an easy transition from the OST 20% serum to this. I didn't experience any burns or discomfort. I will continue to use other C serums in the morning, but this will definitely remain a staple in my routine.

I haven't tested against the other Ordinary Vitamin C products.