Beauty Product Reviews

Formula has definitely changed

In the past this was a 5 star product for me and I use to absolutely love this product when it was the thicker formulation, but now it’s like water and isn’t nearly as effective as the older version. Please bring the older version back it was so much better!!!

Absolutely love this toner

This toner is amazing! I use it every night after washing my face and before my seriums and then top everything off with the ordinary' rose hip oil and wake up to amazing clear bright happy skin. I will repurchase this forever. I get two bottles at a time because it does go out of stock often but that's because it is so affordable and because it's just that good!!

My favorite oil

My skin just loves this stuff! I've found it to be soothing and moisturizing especially after using an acid or retinoid product at nighttime and also I'll add a drop in my morning moisturizer and it's just perfect under my makeup. It's also so affordable I'm back to order more- can't be without it now!

Not for me

This is the only product in the ordinary line that my skin just didn't agree with, I had an allergic reaction to something in it any my face was a wreck for about 3 days but that's my own fault for not patch testing it first. As the name buffet suggests there are a lot of ingredients in this one and many people seem to love it, just not my face lol. I was extremely happy with beautylish's customer service, they allowed me to return it for a full refund bc it didn't work out, so don't be afraid to try it, just patch test first!!

No peeling

I haven't experienced any of the annoying peeling that normally goes along with using a retinoid product but I am still seeing all of the benefits. I would highly recommend starting with this formula before jumping into the 1% option

Very affordable alternative

I've used SR good genes for quite sometime now and I've found this product just as effective. I was going to get the 10% but honestly with the 5% formula it works incredibly well and I can use it everyday without irritation- I highly recommend trying this for texture issues, I'm loving it!!

Love this product

I've only been using the caffeine product for about a week now and although I find I do need to use with a moisturizer it is absolutely fantastic at helping with puffiness and the darkness under my eyes, I find most days I can now get away with much less or even no concealer at all:)