Beauty Product Reviews


My skin is normal to dry, so I only use this as a spot treatment when I have a breakout. I've tried many products out there from Clean & Clear, Kate Somerville, and Mario Badescu as this has been a struggle I've had for years. This treatment is a great alternative that isn't based on the traditional benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Must-Have for Travel

I kind of wish I didn't discover these makeup removing cloths because it's a bit expensive for what they are. I've tried looking for cheaper alternatives, but nothing comes close. This is the thickest and best quality cloth I've tried, and removes my makeup gently. Your skin doesn't feel stripped afterwards. I wouldn't use this for daily makeup removal. I use this to cleanse when I'm too tired to wash my face or on the plane.

Beautiful Formula

This a great compact on the go. There is a button you push, which releases a penny sized amount of product so there's no waste and it's hygienic. When . apply this at home, I prefer to use a thicker and denser sponge to really press the formula into your face. This offers light to medium coverage, and I recommend this if you have normal to dry skin. Otherwise, you many have o reapply every couple of hours. This gives a beautiful satin finish, and truly feels luxurious.

A Spa Experience in a Jar

I was worried this would be pore clogging, but this removes everything off of your face. Therefore, this is one of the few cleansers that I don't have to double cleanse. It's slightly heavier in consistency than Clinique's version and smells kind of like the spa. I wouldn't give this 5 stars because I'm not a fan of using a white muslin cloth they recommend using it with because it's a pain to wash it afterwards. You can use your own wash cloth and still have similar results.


The hype is real. The size of this brush is perfect for multi-use: blush, highlight, etc. I really like to use this to powder my concealer for the under eye just because of its size and how incredibly soft it is! And of course, the finish is stunning. Like other reviewers mentioned, this natural bristle brush is meant for powders not liquid/creams. When you compare this to other brushes in the market (Sephora, Real Techniques, MAC, etc), it's a very high-quality item for the price.

Holy Grail Must-Have

I've been using Sunday Riley on-and-off almost 6 years now. As a beauty junkie I'm addicted to trying new things, but at the end of the day, this is the skincare product I always reach for, because it truly works with quick results! It saves the day when I have a dull complexion, and minimizes my acne scars and pore visibility. The botanical smell isn't the most appealing, and it's not a cheap product. However, this isn't something you use every single day so it lasts almost half a year. So to me, this glass bottle is worth every penny. I HIGHLY recommend it.