Beauty Product Reviews


I use glitter shadows a lot (or rather, glitter topcoats as in Tom Ford cream &glitter duo and Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury pallettes). Even for my (corporate) workplace. I thought this was going to be along the same lines as it advertised "grown up glitter".

Boy, it's not, and that's a great thing! I applied these with my finger and patting on a small amount gives a full-on glitter foil party eye. Each eye is done in about 20 seconds, patting on until full coverage is achieved and softening the edges. Kohl or liner, mascara, party eye done in 5 minutes when it looks like it was 20 minutes' work.

Fool proof glitter eye for events, parties, Christmas, New Year's.. It stays PUT. It does not move until you take it off. Zero fallout (no primer used).

I wore it from afternoon to midnight with zero change in its wear. I have normal skin. I am prone to having glitter fallout with Urban decay and sometimes even Tom Ford. This was zero fallout even without any glitter glue.

Not for the shy, but really a very very tasteful grown up glitter.

I suggest Foil for everybody - the most beautiful, yet decidedly yellow gold I expect to work great on all skintones. Reflect is a champagne and less out there.

Absolutely company party appropriate for its classy nature, but at the same time an absolutely perfect glitter eye that would work even for the wildest parties.

I have three shades and frankly now want them all. I'D also love them to do a spring edition with a mermaid color and a killer gunmetal.

The best - ever

I was skeptical about trying this given the price. I am a believer now that it has helped me with (my first serious) skin condition.

I've always been blessed with exceptionally good skin, clear and glowy, and so far I am told looking a lot younger than I am (36). Post-partum acne hit, and I am aware this is a very minor problem for people dealing with skin issues for a long time, but it was difficult for me. For weeks, I eliminated almost anything and stuck to few ingredients (gentle morning cleanse, evening cleanse, retinol by Indeed Labs at night, Good Genes - lactic acid - twice a week at night, and once my skin had cleared up a little once a week Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose). This routine improved my skin considerably, but I had a lot of (non-colored) texture on my skin. In a whim, I started to use Blue Cocoon at night. Overnight (I kid you not), the better cheek had cleared up COMPLETELY. The worse cheek almost.Within a couple of days my skin was as it had been before my post-partum acne. I know it was BlueCocoon that did this because it was the only thing I added to a regime I had used for several weeks non-stop, and it gained immediate results. It s magical.

I get minor flare-ups, but the regime above and especially blue cocoon take care of them within 2-3 days.

A couple of weeks ago I would have said: If you have great skin, get this only if you have lots of money to spend. If you have problem skin - I really advise you to go ahead. I considered it almost ridiculously expensive.

I have now watched a video of Caroline Hirons interviewing May Lindstrom (45 minutes long). My respect for May and the brand has skyrocketed. The product is not ridiculously expensive, it is made of the best ingredients that are procured in FAIR TRADE, they are hand made and freshly made. I now am fully willing to pay that price over and over again.

One jar of this will last a long time though. I have gone to using it every night (a pea sized amount for the face, another one for neck and decollete) and not much is missing from the pot after 2 months (maybe one tenth?)

I will save up and get more from May Lindstrom. The Problem solver is what I want next.

even better than anticipated

Since before Christmas, I went back and forth on whether this should be my first Wayne Goss brush. I had no doubt whatsoever his brush line is amazing, but I thought the Air Brush might be sufficient for me (trying to be more reflective with my purchases). I still haven't tried that one, because I finally decided the limited edition one should be the one I was going to go for as a first purchase from the brand.

It is as soft as imagined, or even softer. Kitten hair is scratchier than this. I don't think any bristle in this world can be softer.

More importantly: It does what I bought it for amazingly, namely apply flashy highlighter in a diffused, wearable way. I have a couple of beaming highlighters that I LOVE when tan, but that look garish on my winter skin.

I tried this with a strong peachy highlighter by Becca - to my amazement, the application preserved the character of the highlighter (still decidedly peachy, not watered down to a champagne), but WEARABLE.

Will try this with my flashy multi color shifting Becca highlighters from last year. Unicorn might be an unusual look, but I'd like to use them beyond carneval, wild summer nights and a Gay Pride parade. :)

So, so impressed.

Will be getting the Airbrush next.

I'm a convert

I've deliberated for weeks whether I needed more eyeshadows - truth is, I didn't. I was finally convinced by the swatches provided.

The product is not just amazing, but outstanding. In the "Joya" pallette, the two lighter shades on the left and right are actual ROSE GOLDs. Any shade marketed so far was rather peach or pink (at least on my medium skin tone). This one is really rose gold.

The darkest shade is an intense liner when applied with a flat liner brush.

The yellow gold is beaming.

Pigment is outstanding.

I converted to this brand within 5 minutes of trying it.

I am so glad this is still available after the holidays - it will make my perfect spring pallette, as I love rose and peach and pink colors for spring.

Can I just add - I received my first ever Beautylish order within less than a week of ordering from Europe. Every item was wrapped in what looked like gift paper. This is the best beauty site I have ever bought from!

Much recommended!