Beauty Product Reviews

My new daily staple

I've been using this every day since I got this. The luminizing powders are very finely milled. Grande Dame leaves a lovely champagne candlelit glow without emphasizing your pores (if you're looking for a blinding or glittery highlight, look elsewhere). I also use the Madeira bronzer as an eyeshadow. When used as a bronzer the shimmer doesn't really translate to the skin and it looks really natural. The blush was surprisingly pigmented but easily blended out. All the powders layer well over cream products like their lip2cheek and living luminizer. The matte white packaging looks very sleek and is sturdy for travel. Hope they release more palettes soon! Definitely recommend and would repurchase!

Soft and blendable

Love the new RMS beauty powder products. This is supposed to be a clean, cruelty-free dupe for NARS Orgasm blush which I've always steered away from due to all the glitter. The blush is very finely milled (cold pressed and not glued together with synthetics), pigmented and very blendable. It's a youthful coral pink with very fine gold shimmer. Can see this looking good on everyone. Love the sleek simplistic packaging too (can be a bit hard to open if you have short nails). RMS beauty has nailed it again! Also layers well over their lip2cheek.

Moisturizing and brightening

So happy when I found out Good Molecules released a toner! As with other GM products, the packaging is awesome. Love the design of the box and label (love the little details like stating its suitable for AM/PM use). I was also pleasantly surprised that the bottle is made of sturdy dark brown glass to help keep the vitamin C stable (also feels really luxe haha). The texture is somewhat between a liquid and gel (kinda like hyaluronic acid). I dispense 5-6 drops out of the nozzle into my palms and pat it over my skin and it makes my skin feel soft and plump. I've been using this for about 3 days now and I think I can already see a slight improvement in my pigmentation (post-acne scarring). Really impressed with this formula and would definitely recommend! Price is great as with the rest of their range.

Great for acne-prone skin

Was very kindly sent this by Beautylish to try. As with the rest of their products, I love the packaging both on the box and the label. It comes in the cutest little bottle with a tiny dropper that allows you to dispense a precise amount of product (I think I'll keep the bottle for other oils even when I'm done with this!). Similar to the one by The Ordinary, this contains 100% Squalane oil. It sinks quickly into my oily/ combination/ acne-prone (worst of all worlds) skin without leaving any greasy residue. I use this during the day before I apply my sunscreen and makeup and it acts well as a makeup primer (I use Gressa or 100% Pure foundation and they layer well). The bottle is a smaller size than the oils from The Ordinary which are 1 oz/ 30 ml compared to this which is 0.44 oz / 13 ml, but I only need 1-2 tiny drops for my whole face. I can see this little bottle lasting me a long time. Plus the size is great for travelling. I hope they continue to expand their line (with more alcohol-free and silicone-free products to choose from!!)!

Hydrating and lightweight

Was very kindly sent this by Beautylish to try, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised! First of all, I love the packaging. It comes in the cutest little dropper bottle. I love the design of the label and the box. The ingredients are simple - Camellia Seed oil and seabuckthorn oil. To me, the consistency of the oil is similar to rose hip seed oil. It gets absorbed quickly by my skin (oily/ combination) without leaving any greasy residue. I use this at night (and their squalane oil during the day) and wake up to glowing skin the next day. Yes, the bottle is a smaller size than the usual oils/ serums (e.g. those from The Ordinary which are 1 oz/ 30 ml compared to this which is 0.44 oz / 13 ml), but I only need 2 drops for my whole face. I can see this little bottle lasting me a long time. Plus the size makes it very easy to bring when travelling. I hope they continue to expand their line!

Lightweight and moisturizing

I decided to try this as I liked their Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum. The Marine Hyaluronics is more fluid and lightweight, whereas the HA 2% is thicker and more gel-like in consistency. A problem I did notice with the HA 2% is that it tends to pill up when I layer oils (I use the 100% Plant-Based Squalene) over it, but I didn't notice this happening with the Marine Hyaluronics, so it layers better under makeup. The only drawback is the smell - it's hard to describe, but it reminds me of my dad's old rusty toolbox. Fortunately, it does fade rather quickly, so it doesn't bother me that much. I've started to use this in the mornings as it's more lightweight for the hot summer days, and save my HA 2% for nighttime use instead. I would probably repurchase after finishing my bottle.

Super effective yet affordable!

I have had oily/ combination/ acne-prone skin for as long as I could remember, and this product really helps to hydrate my skin without clogging my pores. I've tried more expensive hyaluronic acid serums but they are filled with garbage filler ingredients (silicones). This works great under moisturizers and also helps heavier serums and oils absorb into my skin. I can go through an entire bottle in a month without hurting my wallet. Will keep buying over and over again! Thank you Beautylish for carrying this product and your awesome customer service!

Keeps my brushes clean and soft!

I used to use anti-bacterial soap or shampoo to clean my brushes but decided to give this a go - and I wish I'd started using this sooner! Keeps my synthetic brushes super soft and clean, even the ones with white bristles look brand new. I recommend using this with something like a brush egg for even better cleansing power. Would definitely repurchase when I'm finished with my tub which will probably take forever - I've used this 1-2x a week and I've barely made a dent in the soap. Love that this is all-natural and cruelty free too!