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Beauty Product Reviews

works wonders for combination skin

I find that this products performs different than any other oils I've tried, unlike typical oils the product doesn't sit on the skin but absorb everything underneath it leaving my skin ''normal''. I have acne prone skin and am usually scared of applying oils to my already ''oily'' skin, however this is just something else. In my skincare routine I first wash any leftover makeup residue with the murad Clarifying face cleanser, then I mist some of murads hydrating face toner (Alcohol free), then I add a few drops of the Good molecules Hyaluronic and follow up with my serums and treatments, and after everything I seal all of my treatments and moisturisers with the good molecules squalene oil and it works wonder!! When I go to sleep my face isn't tacky, sticky, and most importantly doesn't stick to my pillow. BUY IT, its only 8 DOLLARS!!!

''They are just brushes''

Where do I begin, I've came to the realization that just as important as it is to own the right makeup, it is more important to own the right tools to get the absolute best result. I've bought sigma, zoeva and real technique brushes, and im not saying that they're bad, but after using Goss brushes, I can't see myself going back to the old ones I own. I've always had an issue with my foundation caking up on my cheek/brozer area, and ever since I've used this set I've not had this problem. Everything looks so smooth the application of powders does NOT disturb my base, making it look so smooth and effortless. The price point is ridiculous but think of it as a lifetime investment.