Beauty Product Reviews

Loving this!

I have some chronic health conditions that cause me to have a lot of redness on my face, and this has been wonderful for me. My skin is has less redness and my skintone is significantly more even. I have pretty sensitive skin, and it usually takes me a while to find products that work for me and don't break me out or cause extra skin problems, but the entire The Ordinary line has been wonderful for me. I use quite a few of their products in my routine, and they are all great. They don't use any unnecessary fragrances and they feel gentle on the skin. One thing with this one, and a couple other of their products, is you want to try to stay out of the sun as much as possible and you want to make sure to protect your skin with SPF and protective clothing, and reapply SPF throughout the day if you are going to be outside for a while.

Should have bought this a long time ago!

This product is so amazing. I put a couple drops of saline solution in before I dip in with my brush so it is a little easier to apply, and it looks great. I feel like taupe could be such a universal color as well. It's easy to diffuse the color a bit with a spoolie, or to make it look more natural. I also use the brow definer in taupe and granite, depending on what makeup look I'm doing that day. And if I use the brow definer, I can use a pointed brush to draw hairs in with the dipbrow if I'm wanting that kind of look. It just has so many uses, and I will be repurchasing it for sure.

Second review..... confused.

Wondering if I received a product that had a defective formula? Since a lot of the reviews here say how great it is. But I don't know if they are just giving 5 star great reviews just for the sake of a review..... there's a few other reviews just like the one I wrote about it being a little weird and creamy-chunky, and taking forever to build up.. I have tried many different brushes, my finger, sponge, and its still hard to build to that glow we all want. When you get there, it's f*cking gorgeous... but it just takes a while. But I'm confused if I have a different formula than some of the other guys and gals that purchased it. Beautylish, have you heard of this being a problem? Or is it just me?

LOVE IT! Looks amazing on very pale skin.

I've recently discovered how great orange tones like this look with my extremely pale neutral skin tone(I call my skin tone "apparition" lol)... and I have bought tons of orange lippies in all different brands and from different countries, and this one is my new favorite. It looks great applied normally, looks great as a Korean gradient, looks great mixed with other colors, it just looks amazing all around. And it isn't too crazy to not be able to wear it out in public no matter what the occasion is. I can't vouch for how it looks on other skin tones, but I would imagine that it would work for most people and that most people would love it if they gave it a chance :)

Feels like a different formula from the other shades...

This is really a gorgeous color and is highly pigmented just like most of his products.... but I have a couple of his original highlighters, and this one feels really kind of creamy in a way, like you have to kind of really dig in it to get anything on your brush or finger or sponge, and then it is clumpy and smears.... but it still works regularly, you just have to do quite a few applications to get it to show up enough, which really isn't that much of a problem. I think it's just going to take getting used to. I don't hate it, and I will definitely use it, it's just a little strange that it's so much different from his other highlighters.

New holy grail serum

Added this into my current 10 step routine and noticed a difference pretty quickly. My skin feels firmer and my pores are noticeably smaller. Going to repurchase and make sure to always have a backup. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with any skin types. Just make sure to not use too much at once; just use a few drops.. and make sure to wait a few minutes before your next step in your routine so it completely soaks in.

LOVE every shade.

I have 12 of these lipsticks now, and every single shade holds up to the standards and hype. Super pigmented, stays on for hours, and if you need to touch up, it's an ease and looks fresh again, not crusty like some liquid lipsticks can if you try to touch up over it again. Photo attached: wearing androgyny with a little drug lord blended in to lighten it a bit. I also use these lipsticks as eyeliners, they are eye safe, and I always get tons of compliments from it.