Beauty Product Reviews

Not for me

I was expected a perfect glow but the shade is too golden and not bronze at all for my skintone (BB Golden Almond, Fenty 430). Was really excited as I already have the blush and glow palette in citrus, and know what was the aim for this shade: take off all the sparkles for a smooth finish. But even without it, it's not a great color. I've loved her products for 8 years now, it's the first time I'm disappointed at this point. I've returned it.

They sheed a lot

I am a bit disappointed by the Face Set for one reason: they sheed a lot, the 11 is the worst one. I waited 1 month before writting this review to test it out, to see how they perform. Im treated these brushes really kindly as I bought the apothecary brush shampoo and also the beauty so clean conditionning brush cleanser but there is no improvement. Every morning I have more brush hairs on my face than foundation. For the price they should be perfect...

So disappointed, BEAUTYLISH send me the wrong item!!

I would have liked to say that I love these brushes but you made a mistake and send me the WG eye set instead of the Face set!