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Love this on no foundation days

I bought the shade Golden Dew, and I have light-medium/medium skin tone. I have used this product over a powder foundation, and it did work, but my preferred method for this particular product, is to use light application of concealer under the eyes, cream blush, and this product on the face... and it is stunning. It makes the skin look healthy and dewy, right where you want it. I literally just lightly touch my finger onto it, and then lightly tap it onto my highlight areas... including under my eyebrow arch and above it. I definitely get a lot of compliments on my skin on days I wear this.

I will also add that I have sensitive skin, and can tend to get clogged pores on the areas where I apply powder highlight, but surprisingly (at least imo), this product does not do that to me. I haven't had any breakouts or even clogged pores in the month I have been using this.

This is not a blinding highlight, AT ALL, but it gives this gorgeous HEALTHY looking glow that is just everything that I am looking for. A+

  • Bae
Too much emollient

I bought the shade Bae, and while it is an absolutely stunning shade, it has way too much oil or emollient in it. It will NOT dry in any less than 5 minutes, and I have hooded eyes, so if I apply this, and have my eyes anything other than closed for that 5 minutes, it transfers all over to my crease, and looks terribly patchy. I wanted to love this so much. I tried it alone, and as a shadow topper. The problem with using it as a topper is that it removed all of the shadow color that was underneath it, and still looked patchy. I tried and tried, but I personally couldn't get this product to work.

Feels too weird

This lip satin feels like saliva on the lips. It literally feels like I licked my lips and the saliva is drying on my lips. I can't get over how odd it feels. Offers no color payoff. It is just weird. I got this in a subscription box, and thank goodness for that. I cannot imagine paying $48 for the feeling of spit on my lips. No thanks. Save your dollars.

Absolutely perfect

I LOVE this ABH palette. I had to get a backup, just in case it ever gets discontinued. The colors are rich, they blend beautifully, and the color story is unique. I can pull off so many different looks with this palette, and I never travel without it. Dwollars is a very special green/gold shade. This is just a truly special palette, and Jackie Aina knocked it out of the park.

Very nice

My initial impression of this when I first opened it was actually a let down. The highlighter swatched so much darker than I had anticipated from the pictures online (Off to Costa Rica). I was actually a bit upset at first glance, but I took a deep breath and decided to give it a shot. For reference, I have light medium to medium toned skin, depending on the season, right now it is leaning more medium. The bronzer/contour portion went on really nicely. I took excess off on my hand first, then lightly stippled and buffed it in. The blush is a very pretty coral color, with a tiny bit of sparkle visible in the pan. It doesn't come off too strongly on initial application, but built up nicely. The highlighter was a surprise. I thought I would hate it, but it actually gave me a "lit from within" look. Not a blinding highlight, but it gave a subtler glow that was actually refreshing.

I got at least 3 compliments on my makeup the day I used and wore this palette. I am glad I bought it. It will make a great travel palette and the pans are actually really generously sized.

All in all, I would call this a win.

What sorcery is this?

This is hands down the glitter palette of my dreams. I use my finger to apply it, and after applying it there is NO glitter remaining on my finger. After you apply it, it isn't going anywhere. I actually tried rubbing my eyes several times before removing it at night, and it all stayed on my lid. My daughter said I looked like a mermaid with it on. I am so in love with the color shifting properties of the glitters.

I cannot imagine anyone that likes to wear glitter not loving this palette. It is truly special and unique.

A masterpiece of a palette

I honestly didn't think I was going to love this palette like I do. I have a pretty extensive palette collection, and this is hands down one of my favorites. Every single color is special. They blend so beautifully, have fantastic pigment and the colors are soooo complimentary. I really hope this becomes a permanent ABH palette. You only need to lightly dip your brush in and you're on your way to a gorgeous eye look.

My everyday go to concealer

I am a makeup aficionado, I do use liquid concealers, but on most days I use this concealer pencil and a powder foundation. I have gone through multiples of this, and I'm not intending on stopping. It doesn't crease on me (I do set it with Charlotte Tilbury flawless airbrush powder if I'm wearing mascara, otherwise the mascara will transfer a bit, due to the creamy consistency). It is the best everyday concealer for me, and completely portable. I truly recommend it. (I apply to under eye with pencil and tap/blend in with finger)

Gorgeous and sophisticated

I missed out on the unlocked palette last year, so when I got wind that hourglass was releasing it again this year, I was on high alert. I love this palette. I have light medium skin tone, and had my doubts whether this would be dark enough for me, but it really is perfect. The highlighter is more subdued than a lot of popular highlighters, but it gives a sophisticated, lit from within look. I use everything in the palette, so I'm super pleased to have this baby for a fast 'all in one' face makeup application.

Everything you need

This is an amazing set, and value. I have sensitive skin, and this brand (and these products in particular) have absolutely changed my skin. I use the beauty elixir, serum, moisturizer and eye cream every day, and my skin is flawless. The micellar water is good, but I prefer Bioderma. It gets the job done, but I feel like it leaves a very slight film, or some residual trace on the skin.

All in all, this deal cannot be beat. I have purchased so many of these sets, I have probably 6 of the clear makeup bags, and they come in handy! This is the perfect introduction to this brand, without major financial commitment. I still buy the full sizes of the serum and moisturizer, but these are great for travel.

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