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I think I looked good?

It's a case where I think I looked good but wasn't exactly sure of myself? Comfort and ease of application I would give it an 8/10. As for the actual look, I would say 6-7/10. Feel I'll have to customize a little more for a "natural" look.

Is it still safe to use since it's so grainy? I read this means the lipstick is old? It's really poor quality for $18. I love his liquid lipsticks but what the heck happened here? Anybody know if Jeffrey Star has addressed this issue himself?

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Hoping to find a better way

Unfortunately, I've had very little success with this product. I've tried applying it with brush (moisturiser, primer etc.,), beauty blender - always ends up like cake on the face. I haven't tried with fingers yet as I've read this is the way to go... I'm hoping for a better result next time.

Really really good

I have tried over 10 CC cushions (mostly high end Korean brands) and this is by far one of the BEST. It doesn't come off as greasy, goes on easily and feels amazingly comfortable. Worth the spend if you want to give these cushions a try.