Beauty Product Reviews

Cute bag but...

The bag is very cute and perfect size for my purse to hold my on the go items but after only 2-3 weeks of use some of the print is starting to rub off on the outside corners so I imagine as more time goes it will happen all around.

Let’s talk...

Okay so look, this thing is HUGE! Like literally so big. Which I thought I wanted... until I took it on vacation with me. It’s just soo big that you can fit everything you need and its still only half full so either you feel the need to keep on packing it up like I did or there is alot of room for your stuff to bang around together. Because I kept packing it, it ended up being extremely heavy. Now I still gave it 5 stars because hey if you need a big ass travel makeup bag or if u freelance and need storage then this is the one for you. The quality is nice and it definitely holds. I just wanted to share my experience so people are aware. Either way I am keeping it and will use but probably find different ways to use it.

In love!

Such a good palette, great quality as usual with Nastasha denona but smaller and more affordable. I dont consider it a small palette its pretty standard just small for her usual big palettes. Beautylish is A+ on shipping time and the effort they put into packaging! Overall so happy


I ordered Soft Peach and Pink Dahlia and expected to love the pink more because that is my typical blush preference, but to my surprise Soft Peach won me over. I’ll be honest, it’s not groundbreaking.. but is is beautiful and I love the look it gives my cheeks. I would definitely recommend picking it up!

Gorgeous but not for me

When I say this product is gorgeous, I mean it!!!! I had a feeling it wouldnt work well for my very light skin tone but I ordered anyway. Although it wasn’t as bad as I thought on my complexion, it just didn’t look amazing either. I would definitely still recommend to medium skin tone because it is great quality! The only reason I give 4 stars is because it is claimed to work on everyone and I dont believe that claim.