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Only thing working for deep acne.

I am a well-experienced user of exfoliants, especially BHA for my acne prone skin. This stuff works better than any other product or brand I have ever tried, and I have been looking for more than 10 years. This addressed deep acne I get under my chin, within days. Because it is silicone-based and I don't want to prevent my other serums from absorbing at night, I use this a bit differently. After serums, I wait a few minutes by brushing my teeth etc., then apply my moisturizer, and massage this in while the moisturizer is still a bit wet. I think it is also helping with my pores. Azelaic acid is usually sold in extremely high concentrations, which can be very drying and irritating. I think this concentration works well, though because I am accustomed to exfoliants, I don't have much of a reaction besides a bit of redness for maybe 20 minutes after I apply.

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Great intro to Viseart

For the formulation, blendability, pigmentation, lasting power, and price, I would have to say 10 stars. These are small, but you need a very very light hand when picking them up. I didn't notice much fall out. I had to deduct a star because the shimmers are not quite as bright as I would like - they need a very dense brush to pack them on. Otherwise, they are very subtle, so great for daytime looks. It is a tiny palette though, so I would for sure recommend buying this palette if you like the colors and want to test this brand without the huge price tag. Just bear in mind that what you receive will be itty-bitty. Great for travel and very versatile.

Now I can't go back.

This was my first natural hair brush, and after using it, I must say WOW. So soft, blends beautifully. I can barely feel it moving across my skin. When I try to go back to my other brushes, its very hard, and I am rather dissatisfied with them, through no fault of their own. Now I am building a collection of eye brushes from natural bristles, which will take time because they are usually 3x the price of other good brushes made from synthetic hair. Still worth it though.

Large, very high quality.

I love these, especially in the morning to provide some light exfoliation after a round of night-time skin care, or to boost exfoliation before a mask. The quality is great, they wash nicely, and are surprisingly large. I will definitely repurchase.

Drying :(

I splurged on this powder because I have incredibly dry under eyes. Nearly any setting powder can look cakey and settle into fine lines within a few hours, and I read great reviews for this product. I was hoping that it would be non-drying, and perhaps even have the bonus of providing moisture. However, I have used it a few times, and it is so drying in this area. It does not look dry or cakey, so appearance-wise, its fine. The problem is that I can actually feel it drying out my skin in this area. Granted, this was during the winter, and winters tend to be very very dry where I live. I will try this in the summer when it is very humid and maybe it will be better. I can use it very well to control oil in my t-zone, but many powders do this well, and there is no need to spend so much on them. So, 1 star for the intended purpose, 4 stars for oil control.