Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

This is the perfect “red” for my (medium tan) complexion. It’s almost a maroon shade and is good for anyone who likes red but doesn’t want it to be very dramatic. The application is smooth and doesn’t seem to bleed. The color will have to be reapplied after eating/drinking however because it’s not a long wear lipstick. It’s also smaller than a “regular” size lipstick but that’s okay in my opinion because I wouldn’t wear this shade everyday. And since all lipsticks expire anyway...the smaller size isn’t as wasteful. It is a little overpriced, but it’s also Tom Ford. Overall I gave this 4 out of 5 stars. If this lipstick was vegan, cruelty free, and free of parabens and phthalates, I would have definitely given it 5 stars.

Works well and tastes yummy!

This lip scrub does just what it says and it is absolutely delicious! Please don’t ever discontinue it because I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out.

Seems to work but...there's a "but".

For me, this product appeared to have worked but it also thinned out the lipstick that I tried it on with (Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Lipstick) . It definitely kept the lipstick in place, but I just wish it wouldn't have altered the finish of the particular lipstick I used (which had a creme finish and the topcoat made it matte). The other issue I have is that it is quite pricey for the size. The tube is tiny and for whatever reason the one I received seemed to be only half filled 😳. I think I can literally use this about 5 times and then the tube will be empty 😩. I don't think I can afford to repurchase this very often 😑.

Love it!

This is the BEST lip gloss I've used in quite a while. My lips have some dryness, wrinkles/creases, and even hyperpigmentation but despite all of these issues, the gloss manages to glide on smoothly without putting emphasis on these flaws. The gloss is very pigmented, so it provides pretty good coverage for the hyperpigmentation on my lips and the finish is shiny/glossy without any glitter. It also keeps lips moisturized and hydrated. The scent is also very light and pleasant. The only downside that I could think of, is that because it is a gloss, the product comes off pretty easily, but I like it so much, that I wouldn't mind reapplying it. Overall I am very satisfied and I would definitely repurchase and recommend this item!