Beauty Product Reviews

I'm a fan...

I am fast becoming a fan of IGK hair products. The Mistress balm is a new favorite. It only takes a small amount, rubbed between my palms and fingers, and then applied to the ends of my hair to keep it looking smooth and shiny. It's especially useful when I am due (or overdue) for a cut and color. My ends start to look a bit dry and frazzled and this brings them back to life. I've used it on both wet hair prior to styling, and dry hair to tame frizz. My hair soaks it up, but don't go overboard - use a little at a time, adding more if needed. Like any balm or hair oil, it's easy to go from shiny to greasy if you use too much. Nice fragrance as well!


This is an amazing product. To be honest, I can't really speak to it's bond building properties. I've worked hard on restoring my hair and it's very healthy to begin with. But it does get tangled and when that happens, I sprayed this on and the tangle brushes out easily. In addition, it makes my hair incredibly silky and smooth, without any greasiness whatsoever. This is a forever product for me. Oh - I like the scent too!


This is my favorite highlighter palette. The size of the pans are huge, and the colors are perfect for me. I am in my 50s, so I don't want to be seen from outer space. These provide a soft glow, not a sparkle, though I am sure it can be built up and/or applied wet. I can not believe it is on sale for$20, and if I didn't already own it or was anywhere near hitting pan, I would snatch it up immediately. I'm considering getting a few for gifts.


Love how this product lines and fills my lips leaving a glossy - but not sticky - sheen. Only con - find it difficult to sharpen.

Very pretty

I was surprised at how much I love this product. I steer away from glittery products in general, and while I like a nice subtle highlight. I use this over eyeshadow and work it up slightly above the crease and I love the result! Just enough glitter to be on trend without looking like I am an older woman trying way too hard to be young again! Looking forward to trying the other shades.

Helps keep pores clean

I use it on the larger pores on my cheeks and nose, and as a preventative against hormonal acne on my jaw line. Cleared up one blind zit I had literally overnight. Love all my products from The Ordinary!