Beauty Product Reviews


This might just be the best toner I've ever tried. The texture is slightly thicker than water, and is easily patted on with the palms (unlike some watery toners that run between your fingers). There is no alcohol or noticeable fragrance, and it doesn't irritate my skin in any way. This toner leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated, and I think the combination of niacinamide + vitamin c have been helping fade some of my post-acne dark spots. And the price!!! This is a product I will never be without.

Sturdy packaging for a travel set

This set is an excellent way to try out these products. I love all of them, particularly the toner and the cleanser. The moisturizer has a scent (not an added fragrance, but just the smell of the ingredients) that I don't particularly love, but it functions as a good moisturizer for my oily-combo skin. I'm most impressed by the packaging of the items, considering this is a trial set. This would be excellent for travel. I will certainly be reusing the toner mist bottle once I've finished it.