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My favorite mascara used to be a RollerLash. I never even tried new mascaras because I’d found the perfect one. Until I got a sample of BADgal BANG in a sub box. I was amazed. It makes my lashes SO full and long that people are actually asking if I have extensions or falsies on! And it keeps my curl longer than any other mascara (even RollerLash)

  • C11
Love the formula, the shades are still confusing

First of all I want to say, this is the most beautiful concealer formula I’ve ever tried. I had given up on using concealer (or any cream/liquid product including liquid foundation) under my eyes. I just spot conceal and use powder foundation over it. But THIS I can actually use under my eyes and it doesn’t look dry or crepe-y or weird in any way. Having said that, I initially got C7 but it was too light (for spot concealing, it’s fine under the eyes) so I got C11 thinking it would be better even though it’s labeled as “medium” and I am not even close to medium. But the two shades are SO close, they’re almost identical. It’s so weird. I can make it work, especially as I use my powder foundation over it. I just think it’s crazy that something labeled for a “medium” complexion is still so light.

  • C7
Magic For Sure!

I had given up using concealer under my eyes. It just looks awful. I’ve tried dozens of different concealers hoping to find that ONE that does for me what it seems to do for everyone else but never found one. UNTIL I found this one. Idk what kind of magic voodoo this is but, it doesn’t accentuate the lines under my eyes and doesn’t settle (even if I don’t set it.) It covers the dark purple discoloration under my eyes AS WELL as my pigmentation spot that I always try, but usually fail to cover. The constancy is thin but a little goes a LONG WAY. I barely have to use a tiny pin sized dot to cover my dark spot. I absolutely love this concealer. It really is unlike any other I’ve ever tried.

Not my cup of tea

This is the only Ordinary product I've tried that I haven't loved. Not because it's not effective, but I'm just not a fan of the texture. It's kind of gritty & greasy feeling & I can't get it to work w/ my skin. When I try to use it by itself, it pills & balls up. I can mix it w/ a moisturizer but when I use it this way I can't rub it in like other products, I have to quickly place it where I need it & then just let it soak in on its own. Which it does after a while. It's a very effective vitamin C lotion, just not my cup of tea.


I usually stay far far away from silicone primers but I snatched this up when it first came out because I know & love the Ordinary line. And have to say, it is my favorite primer now. This gives that nice velvety smooth base that other silicone primers give, but it dries down or sinks in so it doesn't make my makeup slip & slide like other silicone products do. I don't know what kind of voodoo magic is in there but this is unlike any silicone primer you've ever used. It's so much better.

Love it

I use this every day & night before any moisturizers & I swear it makes whatever I use on top so much more effective. It's a nice thick serum that spreads evenly & sinks in really nicely. My skin feels so hydrated & plump after I use it. I actually just made an order to replenish this & some other Ordinary products that I've been using, & try some more. This line is quickly replacing ALL my other skincare because it is SO effective yer SO affordable.

Another hit

I've been using this serum under my eyes for about 2 months & I can definitely see a difference. When I forget or am just plain lazy, the next morning my eyes are so puffy, but when I do use it (which is every night now) the puffiness is gone. Poof. As for dark circles, I haven't seen a difference with those. But if you have bags under your eyes, I definitely recommend this!


I use this religiously day & night & I've definitely seen a difference in my skin. It just seems to be smoother & more plump. I've even noticed my sun spot has faded a little. The Ordinary line has great products for even greater prices. Other companies sell products not half as good for 3X the price. I highly recommend this product & the Ordinary products in general.

So Rich

This moisturizer is unlike anything I've tried before. It's super rich & moisturizing, but sinks into the skin so fast. It's perfect for using before makeup because it sinks in without feeling greasy or oily. Almost everything I've tried from The Ordinary line I've absolutely fallen in love with. The line is quickly replacing all other skincare in my life. Highly recommend. (Tip: warm it up in your hands before applying on the face, as it is so thick it can be hard to rub in)

  • Ice

I was late to the citrine/topaz craze because it was always sold out. Now I'm glad I waited. Ice is everything I've always wanted in a highlighter. It only comes in the mini, but honestly, you don't need a lot. There's no glitter or chunks, just pure glow. It looks like it is pure white but I really think if used right, it could be used on a wide variety of skin tones. It really is just stunning.

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