Beauty Product Reviews

My one and only...powder brush!!

I cannot express how much I LOVE this brush!! My skin type is dry/sensitive and this brush gives me such an amazing application that I have not gone a day without receiving compliments from co-workers/ customers on how young/beautiful/flawless I look. I initially was interested on purchasing this brush because of how beautiful the brush looks (total sucker for packaging) and I had been on the hunt for the perfect all over powder/setting/finishing brush. I have used MAC, Wayne Goss, Smith Brushes, Morphe, Sigma and Hakuhodo to just name a short few. I choose the MK-1 instead of the MK-2 as the 2 was out of stock on Beautylish and I wanted to be able to return the brush if it did not work out. Beautylish is just the absolute best with the amazing service and products they carry. Once the MK-1 was received in the mail, I told myself that I had to absolutely love the brush or send it back OK! The look of the brush-breathing, the feel of the heaven like hair-not of this world, the weighted-balanced. I was shocked...The brush passed with look and feel but will it really work like I had been wishing for. IT DID!! Pressed powders, loose powders, green and gold powders (that last part a joke)...there was no hard pan, ABSOLUTELY NO SHEDDING and dries within 24h of washing. (I use Dawn dish soap and then aloe vera gel to help seal in moisture tame any fly a-ways and retain shape.) I have NOT use my other synthetics or natural haired brushes since receiving the MK-1. I have washed the brush a few times since receiving it three months + ago and I dry brush clean it literally every day after use. (If you need more info on how to take care of natural hair brushes you can google the process.) This brush is strictly used for powder foundation (light the medium coverage) setting under eye concealer, setting my entire face and as a finishing powder brush as well. The artwork has not faded in the slightest off of the handle and it travels amazingly. Bottom line-if you are interested in either the MK-1 or the MK-2 then purchase them through Beautylish, give them a test drive and if you end up keeping one-TAKE CARE OF IT and it will take care of you!!