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Shimmer/metallic finish too subtle

The colors are bright, but I guess I expected a much bigger pop. The shadow quality is good, but if you see shimmer and the way those colors look in the pan, you expect NEON and in my head, something simliar to Kat von D's metal crush. There's nothing wrong with the formula, just a personal preference that for a shimmer palette, it was too subdued. Viseart's mattes are just holy grail so better to go with the Editorial Brights palette if you're looking for a pop of color.

Milled perfectly

What do you want from a powder? Finely milled so it doesn't cling and it's truely no color. It doesn't make you LOOK powdery and I have very dry skin. I very much compare it to Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Flawless micropowder; just in a loose form..and of course, you can't beat the price. A WIN.. the only con is the packaging, but easily able to work around it. LOVE RCMA products and this is no exception

Beautiful pigment!

I loved everything about these shadows. Pigmented, buttery, smooth, a bit powdery, but definitely tolerable. The only 'cons' I noticed to these were they lasted at full pigment for maybe about 5-6 hours and you could see if you blended too much, you could blend the shadow away. Primer a must! ...Still definitely beautiful and enjoyed this particular color scheme.

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I LOVE IT. I have very textured, dry, red spots, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and this foundation was a godsend. It's extremely easy to use; I don't know how anyone would think it's difficult to use unless you're trying to scrape it out and put it right on your face. You do have to warm it up and wait; it's not something you dab on real quick and go. I have an extremely asymmetrical face with all the aforementioned problems above so I do take my makeup routine and coverage very seriously. The flawless look it gives me is worth every extra minute it takes to put it on. Really..once the product is warmed up properly, it shouldn't take much more time to put on than regular foundation. Lots of people say xyz foundation looks like 2nd skin; I've bought them all and nothing has looked like my skin until this. I bought the palette to sample the colors and will definitely be buying a few of the full size palettes. I haven't touched any of my other foundations since and I don't see myself ever going back to any other foundation.