Beauty Product Reviews

So good!

This has quickly become one of my favorite conditioners. Aside from its high price point, this makes my hair soft and smell so good! I just wished the smell lasted a little longer. I usually only get about a good quarter size in my hand and work it through the ends of my hair. My hair has been dyed multiple times and the only way I can get it this soft is if I add an oil to it. Definitely a must have!

I've been using this moisturizer for about a couple weeks now. It's an OK moisturizer for underneath makeup. I prefer using it for nighttime because it's a little heavier than what I prefer and makes me oily/shiny throughout the day. I don't notice it helping any scarring or pigmentation which I expected due to the vitamin C it has but I will continue to use until I run out, then it'll be onto the next moisturizer. I would say I wish it had a citricy scent like what other vitamin c products carry but I guess it's a plus to anyone who likes products without any fragrance. I would say there are better moisturizers out there but since it's an affordable product, I'd recommend to anyone who wants to introduce vitamin C into their skincare!

Best Baking Powder!

The RCMA no color powder is one of the best setting powders I've used to bake my undereyes as well as under contour. It has no flashback for me, prevents creasing and helps make my makeup last! I have no complaints about the packaging, as I can just unscrew the top and dip my sponge into the powder with no problems. I've used it almost everyday for a few months and haven't run out yet! Awesome product with an awesome price point. If you haven't tried it, I recommend trying since it won't break your bank!